Wednesday, 19 January, 2022

Punish fake journalists

Corruption and crime have been widespread in recent years because of different reasons, including lax law enforcement. A section of people targets to leave no stone unturned to make a quick buck pretending to be influential persons. For them, using fake press ID cards has become the cheapest option for cheating people as journalists enjoy people’s confidence because of their professionalism.

In recent times, law enforcement agencies have arrested several people who had been involved in different criminal activities in the guise of journalism. The law enforcement agencies have learnt that some people getting fake accreditation cards and posing themselves as accredited journalists are getting involved in criminal activities. They used fake ID cards of different print and electronic media houses or some name-only newspapers, magazines and online portals for extorting money from businessmen, conducting drug trade and other criminal activities. Moreover, some criminals open offices of online television channels or newspapers without approval from the authorities concerned and appoint representatives at different levels in exchange for money.

Besides doing crimes, these criminals have been tarnishing the image of journalists and journalism. They create a wrong perception about the journalist and the true essence of journalism which is to keep people informed of the changing events, issues, and characters in the world outside and provide citizens with the information they need to make the best possible decisions about their lives, their communities, societies, and the governments.

Therefore, stern action should be taken against these impostors; people should also register complaints about the activities of the fake journalists so that these swindlers can be brought to book. At the same time, the law enforcement agencies must find out all the rackets involved in such activities. The government should adopt strict policy to issue licenses for new newspapers or web portals so that none can use the name of journalism for taking illegal advantage. And these should be done to uphold the prestige of journalism and media that is often termed the fourth pillar of the state.