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December 2, 1971

War of independence intensifies

War of independence intensifies

On the second day of December in 1971, Muktibahini (freedom fighters) started using more strength in different battle fields during the war against Pakistani occupation forces.

Pakistani army became desperate to continue with their brutality in the war, but the bravery and tactical excellence of Muktibahini put the occupation forces in a state of despair. On this day, the Pakistani army started retreating from different places amid fierce battles with the freedom fighters. Consequently, many areas of freed from the occupation forces.

The Pakistani army retreated from Panchagarh, Narshingdi, Akhaura, Bhurungamari, Kamalapur, Bantara, Shamshernagar and Chattogram Hill Tracts after fierce clashes with the freedom fighters.

On December 2, Pakistani forces formed the first and second line of defence at Panchagarh. Mujib Battery, a unit of Bangladesh Army, launched an attack there in the middle of night with the help of Allied Forces, forcing the occupation forces to leave Panchagarh.

On the day, Muktibahini attacked a Pakistan army camp at Ghorashal in Narshingdi and killed 27 Pakistani militias. They also seized huge arms and ammunition from the camp.

Muktibahini occupied Azampur Railway Station in Akhaura upazila of Brahmanbaria. The Pakistan army, however, gathered strength and recaptured the station. Later, Muktibahini reorganised themselves and drove away the Pakistani forces through triangular attack on them.

In Dhaka, guerrilla freedom fighters destroyed the strongholds of the occupation forces one by one. Journalist Nizamuddin Ahmed sent a detailed report of the situation to the BBC from Dhaka on this day. He reported incidents of bomb blasts in five places in Dhaka.

Muktibahini destroyed Rampura power supply center in Dhaka, five power substations in Chattogram and two petrol pumps through bomb blasts.

Muktibahini guerrillas freed Fatikchhari, Raujan and Dakshin Anwara in Chattogram and fought to death to liberate Patiya.

On this day, a group of freedom fighters laying in an ambush killed five Pakistani militias in Bijoypur area at Birisiri of Netrakona and captured 21 armed Razakars (collaborators of the occupation forces).

Pakistan military commander Mosleh Uddin, along with a group of Razakars, went to a village named Kathali of Bhaluka upazila in Mymensingh to loot, vandalise and set fire to houses.

Muktibahini led by section commanders Gias Uddin and Abdul Wahed, attacked and killed three Pakistani militias and seven Razakars there.

While addressing a meeting in New Delhi on the day, then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi said hundreds of thousands of Bangladeshis could return home to live in peace if the Pakistan army left Bangladesh.

According to a report published in The Statesman, Indira Gandhi said, “Today we will do what is in our national interest and not what so-called big powers like to do with us. We respect their help, cooperation and friendship but we cannot give up the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the state.”

Leaders of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and Jamaat-e-Islami in Bangladesh urged President Yahya Khan to attack India on the West Pakistan frontier to preserve the integrity of ‘two parts of Pakistan’.