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Vested quarter trying to fish in troubled waters

Torches dozen buses, incites students to take to streets

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  • 2 December, 2021 12:00 AM
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A vested quarter is trying to fish in the troubled waters cashing in on the anger of school and college students over the death of their two fellows in separate road accidents in the capital.

Sources said the quarter is hatching deep-rooted conspiracies to hinder the economic growth of the country which is marching towards massive development.

Intelligence sources said after failing to make political gains during the present government, the vested quarter has been plotting to create unrest in the country centring on the death of the two students.

As part of their plot, they torched at least a dozen buses soon after the death of a student in a road crash in the capital’s Rampura area and incited the students to take to the streets, stage violent protests and vandalise vehicles.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday asked the agitating students to return to classes and concentrate on their studies. “Don’t do this (Vandalising vehicles. Please go back to your educational institutions and concentrate on studies,” she said.

She also issued a note of warning against vandalism, saying those who will be found involved in smashing vehicles and setting fire to those in future will be hunted down and brought to book.

“In addition, they will also have to face stringent punishment if any person dies due to this vandalism and fire on vehicles. It has to be kept in mind,” Sheikh Hasina added.

On Monday night, Mainuddin Islam Durjoy, an SSC examinee, was run over by a bus near Better Life Hospital in Rampura area, killing him on the spot.

At least 12 buses were set on fire within 10 minutes into the death. However, those who carried out the arson attack on the buses were not students.

Many alleged that it was a pre-planned incident and a vested quarter is making their evil attempts to fish in the troubled waters centring on the incident.

Terming the student’s death in the Rampura road accident unfortunate, Information and Broadcasting Minister Hasan Mahmud on Wednesday said: “The incident took place around 10:45pm and it was found live on many Facebook pages, including Nirapad Sarak and Basher Kella. How did they livestream the incident from the spot within 11-12 minutes? Were they present at the spot before the incident took place?”

He said some people are trying to destabilise the country using students. “A vested quarter is trying to make gains taking the advantage of the student movement.”

Besides, in the name of movement for half bus fares and safe roads, a vested quarter is using students of different schools, colleges and universities to block roads in the capital.  For the last few days, the vehicular movement in different parts of the city came to a standstill due to the demonstrations by students, causing immense sufferings for commuters.

Many commuters were being forced to reach their destinations on foot as almost the entire capital came to a standstill.

Police sources said law enforcement agencies remain very alert and the offenders are being brought to book. Awami League General Secretary and Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader on Wednesday said the death of a student in a road accident in Rampura is not merely an accident as at least 15 buses were set on fire within 10 minutes after the death news spread.

“It is a question to the conscience of the nation whether it was a repetition of the BNP-Jamaat’s past violent activities . . . is it a merely an accident or a pre-planned incident?” he said.

A student of Notre Dame College was killed after being hit by a vehicle of Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) in Gulistan area of the capital on November 24.  Over the past week, the students also demonstrated in the city demanding a 50 percent discount on bus fares. Later, Dhaka Road Transport Owners’ Association announced a 50 percent discount on bus fares in Dhaka city areas on weekdays. But the students rejected the conditional 50 percent discount on bus fares and announced fresh protests.