Monday, 17 January, 2022

Time to promote sportswomen

Time to promote sportswomen

Earlier, a wrong notion prevailed among people in general that sports and games are an exclusive privilege for men only. But,  gradually, the wrong conception has been vanishing from the mindset of people as women’s participation in the country’s sports arena increased significantly. They are now taking part in professional sports events in greater number like that of their male counterpart. Our girls are gradually changing people's views about women’s participation in sports.

Women are bringing fame for the country by showing their capabilities both at home and abroad. None can deny the fact that sport has huge potential to empower women and girls. And, our women's football or cricket teams have already proved how sports can promote women's empowerment. This is also a good evidence that participation in sports helps break gender stereotypes, improve girls’ and women’s self-esteem and contribute to the development of women’s leadership skills.

Of late, Bangladesh's national women cricket team has secured their maiden 50-over World Cup berth. Tigresses will eventually take part in the upcoming ICC Women's World Cup in New Zealand next year. This has been a considerable boost encouraging our women cricketers. They are capable of achieving success and can win much more for the country if provided with more facilities. The government should whole-heartedly promote them to bring them in the spotlight!

Bangladeshi women have many success stories in sports arena. But, we are yet to ensure gender equality in this particular field as sport is still considered as a hobby for female athletes. Generally, the country's woman athletes have come from families that are not economically well-off. In rural areas, members of these families even do not think that sport can be a career for a girl child. It is their sheer willpower that has been pivotal in proving themselves through sports. As financial problem is a major concern, we believe time has come to think about women-friendly infrastructure where female athletes can sharpen their skills without any barrier and can achieve more success.

Earlier, the country's sportswomen were discriminated in many ways. So, all relevant issues for women in sports need to be addressed on a priority basis.