Saturday, 27 November, 2021

Make tax payment a culture

Being a member of the country’s largest media family, the Daily Sun feels proud for the award that the East West Media Group Limited (EWMGL), a media concern of the Bashundhara Group, received from the government as the best taxpayer in the print and electronic media category. It is particularly mentionable that EWMGL got the prestigious award for the sixth time in a row. Notably, EWMGL received the tax-card as one of the four top taxpayers in the category.

Reasonable profit is no doubt an integral part of any lawful business because, without income no business organisation will survive. But this in no way means that business houses will run after profit only. They have also the social responsibility of contributing for nation building. People, especially big business conglomerates, provide government with tax money and the government invests the same in development activities. Without this all important role of the taxpayers, socio-economic development of the country would have never been possible. The tax-card award aptly demonstrates that the Bashundhara Group and EWMGL are responsible and regular taxpayers. 

Taxpayers are nation builders, and as such, deserve due recognition from the state. It is really a very good initiative on the part of the government to introduce tax-card award under the National Tax Card Policy – 2010. It will encourage individuals and business entities to contribute more for nation building and will also help develop a sense of responsibility among those who are still out of the tax net. The more people are brought under the tax net, the stronger will be the national exchequer.

The taxpayer coverage should therefore be expanded to the rest part of the country. But keeping revenue collection mechanism confined to big cities and large business houses will not serve the purpose. Revenue collection offices should also be set up at upazila level to increase participation in tax return submission. Distribution of tax-cards should also be introduced in recognition of regular and sincere taxpayers in remote areas, if even the amount they pay is not that big.