Sunday, 5 December, 2021

BNP misusing Khaleda’s illness

BNP misusing Khaleda’s illness

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The health issue of the 76-year-old ex-prime minister Khaleda Zia, undergoing treatment at the Evercare Hospital, has become a political time bomb, which is being used by several vested interest quarters for their political mileage. For the welfare of the people and the country, the vested interest quarters should immediately stop spreading any kind of rumours on social media about BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia’s health condition. Furthermore, if the party stalwarts of BNP are genuinely concerned about the health of their chairperson, they should focus all their energies on getting her well instead of pushing for demands to send her abroad.

It is unworthy of prominent social and political personalities of the country to hold the healthcare facilities of Bangladesh in contempt. It is a shame that most of the affluent and powerful people of this country fly at the drop of a hat to avail treatment for themselves and their family members at extravagant hospitals in foreign lands. It is not that the foreign countries have some magic potion to cure all illnesses or defeat the angel of death. In fact, expensive foreign hospitals cannot cure everyone, nor prolong by a millisecond more the life of any person than as preordained by the Maker.

To become extraordinary, a leader should become one with the ordinary folks of the land. Discarding all kinds of double standards, all political and social leaders, public servants, prominent personalities and anyone who professes to be people oriented, should avail the same healthcare facilities and treatments that an ordinary citizen enjoys in the country. It is the responsibility of our leaders to set good examples for the people by showing their respect for the healthcare facilities of the country. Though Bangladesh has defeated colonial rule twice but the disparity between the elite class and ordinary citizens of the country has not reduced.

We sincerely pray for the full recovery of the ailing BNP chairperson. The BNP leaders should diffuse the tense situation prevailing due to her health condition, by appealing to their supporters not to create disturbance in the country. The government has taken the precautionary steps of cancelling all leave of the law enforcement forces and putting them on a high alert. Hope that the peace and stability of the country is not jeopardised at any cost.