Sunday, 5 December, 2021

Mass Upsurge museum a must

Mass Upsurge museum a must

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If the great Language Movement of 1952 is the beginning of the nation’s march toward independence, the Mass Upsurge of 1969 is undoubtedly the dress rehearsal for the Liberation War. The Mass Upsurge, in which most of the political parties including Awami League took part, played a significant role in preparing the common people for the ultimate fight. But this great historical event is yet to get due recognition.

Museums and monuments have been established, and rightly so, in recognition of the Language Movement and the Liberation War. But nothing has been done to preserve and carry the message of the 1969 movement to the next generation. It is disappointing that a project taken to preserve an important chapter of our glorious history remains stuck halfway for more than a decade. With times, the half-done or abandoned project has turned into a safe haven of drug addicts. Hawkers have set up shops illegally under the beams of the structure.

According to yesterday’s lead news of this daily, though the work for a museum to preserve the history of the Mass Upsurge was initiated more than a decade ago, it has come to a halt reportedly for ‘fund shortage’. But such an excuse is untenable at a stage when the country is able to mobilise funds for a host of mega projects. So shortage of fund cannot stand in the way of the project. Lack of willingness or wrong understanding about the great movement seems to be the real cause behind this sorry state of this important project.

It is very unfortunate that we as a nation cannot be united on important national questions overcoming petty differences over minor issue. Such a narrowness of mind had been hindering us from continuing this historically important project.

We must come out of such a mentality for the greater benefit of the nation. A project like constructing the museum to preserve the memories of the Mass Upsurge must not be neglected in any way since it will depict a glorious chapter of our history. We expect that the authorities concerned will take necessary steps to complete the project in the quickest possible time.