Thursday, 2 December, 2021

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Machine learning app to find missing pets

Machine learning app to find missing pets

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For Mohit Arora, Global Digital Marketing Lead at Pet Nutrition, what’s worse than losing a pet is the lack of an adequate infrastructure to find lost pets and get them back to families.

While dogs are synonymous with loyalty and being man’s best friend, the lack of speech is a shortcoming that leads to many pet dogs going missing each year.

While a collar with emergency details is a simple solution, customised collars aren’t very popular yet. A lot of dogs also reject anything more than a simple light-weight collar around their necks. And then again, there’s always the risk of your missing dog sabotaging his collar. However, with the advancement of technology, especially machine learning, losing your dog may soon be a problem we may never have to deal with.

That is precisely what the brilliant minds behind ForPAWS are working on. ForPAWS is a facial recognition tool by Mars Incorporated, that will help reconnect lost pets with their families.

Ahead of a wider rollout of the app, Arora explains the fundamentals of how facial recognition will soon be a reality for the canine, as well as why the need for such tools exist today.

Forpaws, as defined by Arora, “is a free service mobile app developed by Mars Pet Nutrition that leverages facial recognition technology and a network of pet-lovers to solve a serious problem of tracking missing pets and helping them find their way home.”

 “With ForPAWS we ensure that worried pet parents always have the most reliable help at hand, to locate and bring their pet back if they ever go missing. The initial offering is tailored to solve the problem for dogs only , we are working on a module for cats that will get rolled out in the future,” Arora explains.

“With ForPAWS all you require is one photo and a basic smartphone to create a unique ID for your dog,” Arora adds, mentioning how the increasing rate of smartphone penetration and decreasing data costs makes the tool’s working a reality amidst Indian masses.

ForPAWS uses machine learning (an artificial intelligence-based implementation that lets software tools accurately decipher circumstances and predict outcomes) to scan a pet’s facial details from a a large database.

This database will be full of unique pet IDs created by registering their facial data, making the tool’s working similar to an equivalent of a school/college/office identity card.

However, this identity card will be one among many in a digital avatar, that the app’s servers can access on demand. So, should your dog go missing, anyone who finds him will be able to use ForPAWS to retrace your furry friend back to you, following which he/she can get in touch with you directly.