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Refuse friend requests from strangers

IGP to netizens

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  • 17 November, 2021 12:00 AM
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Refuse friend requests from strangers

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Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr Benazir Ahmed has urged netizens to refuse friend requests from strangers or acquaintances in a bid to shield themselves from cyberbullying.

“Please don’t let unknown people or the people you know slightly gain access to you as they may victimise you,” he said.

Speaking as the chief guest at a programme marking the first anniversary of Police Cyber Support for Women (PCSW), the IGP made the request at the police headquarters in the capital on Tuesday.

The PCSW was launched on November 16, 2020 with the aim of providing legal, technological and other supports for women who fall victim to cyber crimes.

The IGP urged the women not hang out with the people they (women) got introduced with on social networking sites just a few days ago as they (women) may fell prey to them.

He said that some 12,641 women sought assistance from the PCSW after becoming the victim of cyber crimes in the last one year.

Of them, 43 percent (over 5,435 women) was victimised by the fake accounts, including Facebook, the IGP said.

The PCSW provided legal and technological assistance for 8,221 women victims, he said.

Of the total victims, 16 percent is below 18 while 58 percent is in between 18 and 24, 20 percent from 25 to 30 and 6 percent above 40, he said.

Only 12 percent victims lodged general diaries or cases after identification of the criminals, he said.

Dr Benazir Ahmed also called upon the women victims to complain to police in order to ensure punishment for the criminals and end the scourge of cyberbullying.