Friday, 3 December, 2021

None is above law

None is above law

No man is above the law and everyone, whatever his/her condition and rank, is subject to the ordinary laws of the land. Law promises the equality of all men. It is the essence of the rule of law.  Equal protection of the law is also a right of every citizen, a right enshrined in our constitution. But, critics say the provision is not applied equitably for the citizens of all classes in society. According to them, power and money are used to evade justice. But, perhaps all is not yet lost. A flicker of hope has kindled by the pronouncement of a judgment by the Special Judge's Court-4 of Dhaka on Tuesday.

In an unprecedented judgment in the country's history, the special court awarded 11 years' jail term to former Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha for laundering money amounting to Tk 4 crore. SK Sinha is the country's first ex-CJ who has been convicted in a corruption case. That a person of such a stature can indulge in wrong practice is indeed a shocking news for the country in general and the judiciary in particular! In any country like ours, crossing swords with the powerful and mighty is never a good idea. On some occasions, the influential criminals go unpunished utilising the loopholes in the system. And, justice remains ever elusive for the powerless and the poor. Being the CJ, Sinha too might have thought that he would easily get rid of his crime by dint of his immense power. But, his notion proved to be wrong.

The post of the CJ is a constitutional one.  He conducts the oath-taking of the country's President. Remaining in judiciary, pursuing such corrupt practice is not at all desirable. He has tarnished the very image of the constitutional post. So, as per the law of the land, he has been awarded the befitting punishment.

It has appeared to be a victory for the rule of law. The aim of rule of law like other constitutional principles is the uplifting of freedom and fundamental rights of the people. Being responsible citizens of the country, it is our duty and responsibility to obey the law of the land.