Saturday, 27 November, 2021

Work with Love, Pleasure and Honesty

A.K.M. Atiqur Rahman

Work with Love, Pleasure and Honesty
A.K.M. Atiqur Rahman

Whether it is in need for our livelihood or not, we, who are engaged in different professions, are working either in our own or in other’s organisations. Some of us are working in government offices, some in private organisations. Though monetary issues play a vital role in most professions, there are some professions in which financial issue does not get much importance. Anyway, I am not going to talk about that. We are all working. Are we doing the work with love? Do we enjoy our work? Are we working with interest and sincerity? Are we passing time on the way to financial receipts at the end of the month? If we are aware of our work and perform that with love, we can see how much pleasure we feel once the work is done.

We have to wash out from our mind that it is not our work, it is someone else’s work. We have to perform the work as our own, employing our full attention. The task at hand does not know for whom it is being done. All work carries the same importance, whether it is small or big. Whatever the work, it is valuable work. It is not right to think that the work I have been doing is for my own interest or in the interest of others. The work of a doorman of any office is just as necessary as that of the head of that office. Therefore, whatever we do, we have to do it sincerely from the heart, with love and joy. As a result, it will not only give us satisfaction, but our love for work will also be strengthened.

If we try to take account of how much love our people work with, it would be surprisingly frustrating. However, it is not always true that love or attraction for work would grow if we continue our work for years. When you work with love, the workplace becomes a centre of happiness. And everyone would appreciate if the work is done properly and nicely. When you return home from your work, as you were in a good mood, you would have a good relationship with your family, you wouldn’t have an irritable mood or fatigue. You would be able to know a lot about your job in the process, having opportunities for learning from someone that which you don’t know. However, in this case, you must have strong will or interest. Your experience will continue to develop day by day. If you can do well, others will appreciate and respect you. In fact, work is evaluated in a healthy and ideal social environment. He who does good work, has devotion and honesty towards his work, does not need to run looking for a job, work itself will look for him. However, in a society like ours, one cannot ensure that nepotism, political influence or some other approach would not try to misinterpret, thus, often good deeds get concealed by others.

When I was in the government service, I rarely found the telephone line of my home or office inactive. Only once while working abroad, my residential telephone line was not functioning for an hour due to a severe storm. But now in my retired days, there is no end of pain with the residential telephone line. We are lucky that mobile phone was invented. Otherwise, there would be no end to our sufferings to keep that much-needed means of communication active.

I have been using the same telephone provided by the government after my one-year post retirement leave (PRL), but as personal telephone. I don’t think I’ve used it once in a month. Because it is a matter of luck to get the dial tone of that telephone. However, I have kept the telephone set at home by paying the minimum monthly charges. Several flats in our house have land-line telephones. However, those remain on the table with ‘dead’ status. But without providing any service, the government is taking the charges every month. Manager of our house says that only my telephone sometimes becomes active. The lineman visits the site once we inform him and fixes it, but within a few days it becomes dead again. I do not understand why I am not returning that set. However, I am now becoming very tired with this ‘active-inactive’ game of blindman’s buff. Maybe one day I will return that telephone.

If our telephone department is not able to provide proper services, then they should not take this responsibility. And once the responsibility has been shouldered, it has to be done firmly and sincerely. There is, of course, the question between taking salaries for doing the job or not. This is a matter of morality. Many people spend their service life without any contribution. There are also people who becomes tired of working hard, but they are drowned in the fascination of work. In today’s world of technological advancement, if other countries can keep their telephones active, why can’t we? Is it really so tough? Maybe not so much. In fact, the problem lies elsewhere. It is due to the lack of commitment to or love for our work. The work that is done with enjoyment or devotion, will be accomplished nicely. The work does not have life if it is done with reluctance and neglect. It creates a feeling of instability in the mind towards that workplace. It remains limited to monetary benefits only. I believe that if our telephone department is serious in taking initiatives to bring reforms among those people who provide services directly, the helpless telephone subscribers like us will be greatly benefited and sincerely thank the telephone department.

I believe that what I have said above about the management of our telephone department as a sufferer might also be applicable for many offices, especially the government offices, in Bangladesh. Although the overall situation would be a bit better in the government offices in the capital than the situation of government service providers in the Upazila or district areas. How much the employees of government offices, hospitals and other service providers in rural areas do their work with honesty and sincerity? I don’t know why the employees are so reluctant and callous to do their duties when they do not hesitate to receive salary and allowances from the government exchequer. If this mentality of deception continues, the people will remain deprived from the services the government.

In this context, I would like to mention another example. We know that the doctors and health workers, risking their lives, have stood by the patients of Covid-19 when the pandemic has caused panic among the people all over the world. But they did not run away from their duties. Fear or family restrictions could not distract them from their responsibilities and sense of humanity. Because, they love their profession. The affinity for love is something different. They are dedicated to the service of patients. When a patient recovers, a smile appears on his face, all the fatigue of the doctor is gone. All their joy is there.

Let us take our profession, whatever its nature is, from the heart. A player will play with love, a vocalist will sing with love, a teacher will deliver his education with love, an employee will work with love whether it is his own or not, we all will work with love. If you love work, one day work will love you. Then the excellence of that work will present you unimaginable achievement. So, no matter what profession or work you are in, work with love, work with joy and devotion. And in this way, one day you will see that your work ethic and skills have enhanced. At the same time, the country and people of Bangladesh will advance a lot too.


The writer is a former Ambassador and secretary