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Transport Strike Over Fuel Price Hike

Ctg commuters left helpless

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  • 6 November, 2021 12:00 AM
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Ctg commuters left helpless

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CHATTOGRAM: The indefinite strike enforced by transport owners and workers protesting against price hike of diesel and kerosene caused immense sufferings for passengers and businessmen in the port city on Friday.

Movement of both the mass and goods transports in the city remained suspended from the morning.

 Commuters, mainly visitors of tourist spots and long-distance travellers, had to suffer and spend extra money to reach their destinations with other modes of transports.   

Most of the city and inter-district buses and goods-laden vehicles were not seen plying the port city routes due to the nationwide transport strike.

Commuters were seen waiting for the public transport in the city’s GEC, Wasa, New Market, Kazirdewri, Tigerpass, Agrabad, Bahoddar Hat, Chawkbazar, Alongkar, Station Road, Dampara areas for a long time. Long-distance travellers couldn’t manage vehicle for going to their destination while short-distance commuters had to rent auto-rickshaw, rickshaw and bikes, paying double fares.

One Mozammel Hoque said he has an important meeting in the capital today (Saturday), but he cannot go there due to the strike.

“I’m waiting for the vehicle in Dampara Bus counter from the morning, but nobody assured me of travel,” he said.

The authorities concerned should take immediate steps to reduce the people’s sufferings, he urged.  Chittagong Metropolitan Bus Owners’ Association President Belayet Hossain Belal said the maintenance cost of vehicles has already been increased while the price hike of fuel will put us in danger.

However, they kept Metro Prabhati and Sonar Bangla Services plying the city routes to ease the sufferings of the passengers, he said.

But, the strike will continue indefinitely until the Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) reverses its decision, said the president.

If anyone is interested in running their vehicle, the association will not prevent them, he added.

On the other hand, the transport strike hampered the activities of Chattogram Port as the truck and covered-van remained suspended for the nationwide strike. 

Maximum goods vehicles were seen parked in the nearby areas of Chattogram Port, slowing down the goods delivery from the port since the morning.  Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) Secretary Md Omar Faruk said many vehicles couldn’t enter the port due to obstacles imposed by workers hampering the delivery activities. The loading and unloading of containers at the jetties will slow down if the strike continues, he said.  

Sources concerned to CPA said that around 200 vehicles entered the port until noon while the number stands more during the normal day.

Mentionable, CPA has a total of 49,000 containers containing capacity while it will witness congestion if the strike continues until next two to three days.

Earlier, BPC increased the prices of diesel and kerosene by Tk 15 per litre at the retail level in line with the global market on Wednesday. The prices of diesel and kerosene have increased to Tk 80 from Tk 65 per litre.