Saturday, 27 November, 2021

PM makes country proud

As Bangladeshis, we feel honoured at the recognition of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina by the BBC in a report “Climate Change: Five dealmakers who will influence the outcome at COP26”. At the same time, it is no surprise to us Bangladeshis that our Prime Minister has been named among the five top world leaders who will have the most influence on the outcomes of COP26. For we know her as a most determined and tenacious leader, who does not give up on her goals but relentlessly pursue them till she fully achieves her objectives for the country and the people.

Therefore, as Chair of the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) and the Vulnerable Twenty (V20) Group of countries, it is only natural and expected by all who know her that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will relentlessly seek to achieve all the goals that she sets during her tenure as President of CVF for the most affected countries of Climate Change.

Sheikh Hasina has always stressed that the world would have to share the responsibilities of the climate migrants - the people who will be displaced over the years because of climate change induced natural events like sea-level rise, riverbank erosion, increasing salinity, floods and draughts - vehemently urging that the issue of loss and damage must also be addressed properly. Therefore, now that she is heading the CVF, she will do her utmost to pursue these and more for the sake of the climate vulnerable nations.

As Bangladesh is one of the frontline countries which is already witnessing the effects of climate change, therefore, when Sheikh Hasina speaks about Climate Change, she speaks from her experience of how it is affecting her people and how Bangladesh is dealing with it. 

As her experience on the subject is real, therefore it sounds more authentic and reaches the world audience more effectively. As aptly put by Dr Jen Allan, an expert in international relations from Cardiff University, in the BBC report that “People like Prime Minister Hasina put a human face on climate change and can help world leaders understand what climate change already looks like,”. We agree with the view expressed above and hope that as always she will achieve much in the interest of mitigation and adaptation measures for addressing climate change for the sake of our world.