Sunday, 5 December, 2021

Rooftop gardening gains popularity in Sylhet

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  • 1 November, 2021 12:00 AM
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SYLHET: During the pandemic, people stuck at home for a long time became tending to start gardening. As a result, the number of rooftop gardens increased significantly in the city. Many people have made vegetable gardens, orchards or flower gardens on the roofs of their houses.

Day by day, the rooftop gardening was become popular to the city people from last few years. But this trend get more gear up during the pandemic, as the most of the time city resident was stuck up into house.

Before the pandemic, different organisations carried out campaigns to inspire people to establish rooftop gardens, but during the shutdown, a good number of house owners and nature lovers ordered saplings and soil online, aiming to establish rooftop gardens.

Environmentalists said despite the problems, homeowners are becoming more and more interested in the effort, attracted by the prospect of fresh vegetables, fruits and air. As a result, interest in roof farming is increasing. "This interest has increased during the coronavirus period," they observed.

In most of the day time they was confine to the door and have no work in their hands as the corona virus was gradually increase, which leads gardening to their mind. During their confine hour they become busy with the rooftop gardening says the many resident to the Daily Sun. They also said, by increasing the number of rooftop gardening it will help the city environment and climate.

Moreover, city dwellers have been turning to rooftop gardening with the aim of growing their own food to bring the mental satisfaction, secure the source of nutrition and contribute the good health. And also save them from sun heat to the top floor peoples.

Due to a scarcity of land into the city, people are growing vegetable and fruits on their rooftops.

Halimur Rashid Zoglu, a resident of Shaplabag, Tilaghor area into the city said, in my childhood, I grew many vegetable in my village land. But here I have no extra land to cultivate. For this reason I started my gardening into the rooftop.

Where, I planted variety of vegetable, fruits and flowers.

Like, Zoglu many of the city peoples were busy with the rooftop gardening in their leisure period.

Tamanna Nahar, in charge of Sylhet metro agricultural office said, the rooftop gardening was increasing in day by day from last few years in Sylhet. But this trend was shot up during the corona situation.