Monday, 24 January, 2022

Role of Teacher in Classroom

Prof M Matiur Rahman

Role of Teacher in Classroom
Prof M Matiur Rahman

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Before dealing with the role of the teacher in the classroom, I think it is wise to say something about the classroom. Generally, the classroom is a room where children or students are taught. In every educational institution, there are classrooms for teaching different grades of students. On the other hand, a teacher is a person whose job is to teach students in school, college or university. A classroom is the formal centre of teaching by the teacher for the students. It may also be called the practical field of teaching and learning activities for proper education. Now the major part of the topic is the discussion about the role of a teacher in the classroom.

Teachers play the role of a manager as much as the management of the class is concerned. This includes his function in maintaining discipline, controlling the class, creating a favourable teaching and learning atmosphere in the class. Sometimes a large class becomes noisy. In this case, he is to draw the attention of his students by controlling the class very tactfully without any negative reinforcement. He must apply positive reinforcement by which he can win the heart of the students and can teach them interestingly. He warms up the students before beginning the lesson and then turns their attention or concentration of the mind towards the lesson. He is to make eye contact and see whether everybody understands or not. He notices their problems areas and gives them the necessary support so that all the teaching points are clear to them. It is important to inspire and encourage them for the purpose of motivation. In this respect, it will not be out of place to mention the view of Bertrand Russell, the great philosopher. To him, a teacher is a kind of physician. The students are his patients and his task is to cure them. He regards them (teachers) as guardians of civilisation. He (teacher) must have love for his profession. He should have good command of tire subject he teaches and how the different methods of teaching. He should also remember that neither over-teaching nor under-teaching is desirable on his part. The class is the best place to use different methods through various classroom activities. He should make use of teaching, learning materials called TLM in the class.

All the teachers are to be well-trained and must have teaching experience in addition to their paper qualifications. The Head Teacher or the Principal monitors their level of performance and takes necessary steps to improve their standard of teaching.

AC Ward has wisely said:

“The mediocre teacher only tells

The good teacher explains,

And the superior teacher inspires.”

Every teacher should bear this in mind. At present, classroom teaching is affected by the global pandemic. Despite this, our teachers are taking online classes. It is true that the quality of teaching has greatly improved under the present government which has provided the schools with updated facilities of modern technology with better infrastructure and financial aids.

However, for the interest of the students, our teachers are playing vital roles with professionalism in imparting quality education in the classroom. The future of our country depends largely on their sincere and efficient discharge of responsibilities. The dynamic role of the teacher depends on the following factors:

1.            Willingness and determination to teach well

2.            Trained teachers

3.            Experience

4.    Resourcefulness of the teacher

5.            Professional commitment and dedication

6.            Creating good rapport with students

7.            Better classroom environment

8.            Monitoring and supervision of class

9.            Good presentation and delivery

10.          Use of modern classroom technology

In our context, we have mixed ability classes where we find four categories of students such as the very able students, the able students, the less able students and the unable students. The teacher has to all of them fairly. In this connection, I would like to quote some words of Albert Einstein: "It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”

The teacher can inspire his students to ask more questions than he answers. Here lies his credit as a teacher.

So Alice Wellington Rollins puts, “The taste of a good teacher is not how many questions he can ask his pupils that they will answer readily but many questions he inspires them to ask him which finds difficult to answer.” This will facilitate more interaction with the teacher and help them enjoy the class.

So the role of the teacher in the classroom is of great importance for learning. Besides being a diagnostician and a manager, he should also play the role of a provider and a facilitator.


The writer is the former VC of Britannia University, Cumilla