Saturday, 27 November, 2021

Recovering learning loss of students

All children have a right to education. But, the country's children were unable to enjoy their right fully for long 18 months due to coronavirus shutdown of schools. However, finally, many of them returned to their classrooms as the gates of schools reopened across the country on September 12. Thanks to the country's educational authorities for resumption of in-person classes. Reopening of schools is the essential first step on the part of the authorities concerned, but they must keep in mind the students' learning losses that have already occurred due to long closure of the educational institutes. As prioritising education recovery is crucial to avoiding a generational catastrophe, the ministry of education should chalk out plans to recover the losses that students incurred due to long closure of educational institutions.

Alongside regular classes, additional classes can be an option as an effective step in this regard. But, it should continue for a longer period to recoup the loss. All stakeholders should sit together to find out a way. The Ministry of Education should immediately start consulting with the country's education experts to formulate additional strategies. School is not only a place for academic activity but also a hub for many co-curricular activities. Because of long closure of schools, students have been deprived of such activities and its adverse effects can be felt on their mental health. The school authorities should help parents of the affected students by arranging proper treatment for them. It is naturally going to put a lot of pressure on all schools, while not every school is equally equipped to handle that. So, the ministry concerned has to provide every type of support that they will need in order to ensure that schools are ready to provide facilities needed to ensure safety of all of its students.

There is still a lot to be done. Many students are still out of school as the male children have to remain engaged in labour to help support their poor parents. And, a good number of female children have fallen victims to child marriage due to the same reason of their parents' poverty. The school management should detect them and take measures to bring them back to schools; otherwise most children will not be benefited by mere reopening of schools.