Saturday, 4 December, 2021

Cosmetics can prove costly

The negative effects of consuming date-expired foods are well-known to all, but many people, especially women, do not take expiration dates of beauty products as seriously. Cosmetics make womenfolk weak enough. They sometimes tend to purchase cosmetic products without considering the expiration dates. As soon as they choose any particular product, they instantly buy it without considering its effectiveness. Some of them even do not bother to purchase such products from vendors who openly sell old and date-expired beauty products on footpaths in the city. Thus they put their health at risk by using these products.

Like food, cosmetics expire after a certain period.  The old products not only spoil the makeup, but equally harm skin and eyes. The products become the breeding ground for bacteria and toxins. Serious skin or eye problems such as allergic rashes, irritations, boils and infection can occur after using them for a considerable period. In general, liquids and creams expire fastest, while powders tend to last much longer.

Despite their harmful effects, the expiry date of beauty products is still being ignored. Awareness campaigns should be conducted regularly to make women aware about the issue.  At the same time, law-enforcers should take a tough stance against dishonest vendors who sell fake and date-expired products. This newspaper published a photograph yesterday where vendors were seen selling adulterated and date-expired cosmetics of renowned local and foreign brands at a holiday market on the footpath of Chawkbazar in Old Dhaka.

How dare the dishonest vendors sell these old products before the nose of the members of law-enforcement agencies at one of the city's busiest markets like Chawkbazar? It manifests the careless attitude of the law-enforcers who are duty-bound to protect the consumers from endless greed of unscrupulous vendors. They should be strict enough to check the unholy trend by launching frequent drives in the markets to take legal action against them by bringing them to book. Most often reports come out in newspapers about the existence of illegal factories from where date-expired cosmetics are supplied to various parts of the country. Law-enforcers should regularly bust these unauthorised establishments and nab the culprits.