Saturday, 23 October, 2021

Bijoya Dashami today

  • Staff Correspondent
  • 15 October, 2021 12:00 AM
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The five-day Durga Puja, the biggest religious festival of the Hindu community, will come to an end today with solemn immersion of idols of the goddess Durga across the country.

Hindu devotees are gathering Puja mandaps to celebrate Bijoya Dashami and reciting the mantras, offering flowers to the goddess Durga and praying for her blessings. The puja mandaps have been ornamented with beautiful idols, showcasing the goddess in all her glory. Around 32,118 puja mandaps have been decorated throughout the country this year.

The main ritual of this year's Durga Puja started on Sunday through Shashthi Puja.

Durga Puja is a celebration of Goddess Durga’s victory over defeating the demon, Mahishasura. It symbolises the battle between good and evil where the dark forces eventually succumb to the divine.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Bangladesh Puja Udjapan Parishad leaders have urged all devotees to properly maintain health guidelines and directives on fighting the corona pandemic during the Puja celebrations.