Wednesday, 20 October, 2021

25 villages go under saline water in Khulna

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  • 11 October, 2021 12:00 AM
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KHULNA: A surge of seawater into coastal river Pashur burst riverbanks and collapsed dyke Northern side of Khalisha sluice gate as 100 yards and flooded by saline water over twenty five villages under Pankhali union in Dacope upazila of Khulna district till Sunday 3pm, confirmed the news over cell phone Mintu Biswas UNO of Dacope upazila.

Vast tracts of croplands, ponds and shrimp enclosures have flooded by saline water as an embankment of Chalna Pouroshova and Pankhali union border near Khalisha sluice gate gave away under the pressure of strong currents and high tide of river Pashur sent from the Bay of Bengal since Thursday afternoon to Sunday.

‘All the 1,200 families of these villages have been rendered homeless; as they have lost their homesteads in the flashflood’ said the UNO. The homeless people including men, women and children have taken shelter on other the high places or cross-dams that are yet to be flooded built by Water Development Board.

But the extent of loss could not be estimated immediately, he added. He also said, “We are vigilantly observing the situation and preparing to tackle the problem”.

The villages affected by flooding are Pankhali, Moukhali, Kaminibasia, West Jhalbunia, Kakrabunia, Batbunia, Khona, Khalisha, Chalna Marine Poktos, Andharmanik and so on.

When contacted Executive Engineer of WDB of Khulna Md Ashraf Hossain said, ‘the embankment was constructed a few years ago under food-for-work programme.’ But it has collapsed failing to stand as furious tides of  Pashur coastal rivers rose up to five to six feet higher than normal levels. Now they are trying to reconstruct the breached ring embankments.

Pankhali UP chairman Sheikh Abdul Kader said over cell phone, as situation is worsening, because the marketplaces and shops have gone under saline water paralysing the economy of the affected villages. He also said the coastal people are now facing an immense trouble and again marooned without food and safe drinking water.

Lack of proper monitoring and maintenance by WDB also made the newly constructed embankments vulnerable to collapse by high tide local people blamed which were wrecked by the devastating cyclone Sidr, Aila, Foni, Amphan and Yaash.