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Nazmul remains inevitable in BCB

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  • 8 October, 2021 12:00 AM
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Nazmul remains inevitable in BCB
Newly-elected BCB directors congratulate Nazmul Hassan Papon after he is re-elected the new president of the board at the Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium in the capital on Thursday. —BCB PHOTO

The Bangladesh Cricket Board President Nazmul Hassan Papon will run the office for the fourth consecutive time after he was elected unopposed by the newly-formed Board of Directors during their first meeting at the BCB headquarter on Thursday.

Nazmul was earlier elected a board director during the BCB elections on Wednesday and it was the first time when Nazmul and his unofficial panel were elected by ballot.

Nazmul, who became the BCB president for the first time in 2012 and was later re-elected for the position twice, didn't have to contest in the elections in 2013 and 2017 respectively as his panel was elected unopposed.

However, this time Nazmul had decided against naming a panel and hence had to go through the rigours of an election.

“Actually I didn’t ask for any vote from the councillors as I wanted to see about my popularity,” Nazmul, who earned the highest 53 votes along with two other candidates Gazi Golam Murtaza and Enayet Hossain during the election, told reports on Thursday.

Nazmul said that his main agenda during this four-year tenure will be bringing amendments in their constitution that would pave the way for the Regional Cricket Association.

The BCB boss failed to keep his promise about the RCA in the last two terms but he informed that he had briefed his board directors regarding his immediate plan of action.

“First of all, I said in a short briefing today that there is a lot of work yet to be done. It would be a wrong concept to think that we have done a lot of work so far because difficult times are coming ahead. Our primary focus is on Sheikh Hasina Stadium,” he said.

 “We have to run it as soon as possible because we have shown this stadium for the ICC event. Without it, we will not be able to host the ICC tournaments. So it's number one, the top priority.

“Secondly is the constitution. I have asked the directors where the changes are required in the constitution.  At the next board meeting, they will present their opinions regarding this matter.  My suggestion is we have seen so many clubs participating here but there is no vote from the clubs.

“I can mention several names of the voters who are not involved in cricket.  A change is required here,” he said pointing his fingers towards the services councillors who hardly have any involvement in cricket apart from casting their votes.

“And finally creating regional sports organizations and to that constitution, amendment is required as it is contradicting in some places,” he said, adding that he is eyeing to have dedicated academies for batsmen, pacers and spinners in future apart from creating facilities for age-group cricket.

“A dedicated coach will be handling the dedicated academies and whoever is having a problem can learn from there,” he said.

Nazmul also claimed that he will be eyeing to reach fifth position (ODI) in ICC ranking in this term.

“Basically we are comparatively doing well in ODIs in the three formats of cricket. We are a good team now but we can’t say we are a very good team. Undoubtedly we are better than before.

“We have climbed to seventh and we are ahead of two world cup champion teams. They are Sri Lanka and West Indies. Our next target is to move to fifth in the ranking.

“You may ask why not number three or four. The reality is we are yet to do sufficient work and develop the facilities to reach that level. We have done well in developing cricket but they are still far ahead of us,” he added.