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Cyber criminals out to destabilise country

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  • 5 October, 2021 12:00 AM
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A group of anti-liberation and anti-state elements living abroad has launched a cyber war against Bangladesh and its government.

Failing to achieve their heinous motives at home, a section of war criminals, their family members, BNP and Jamaat leaders, sacked and retired army officers, so-called journalists and pettifoggers has fled the country and they are now living in different countries.

Through abusing the social media, they are spreading rumours against the country and the Awami League government, led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

The motive of these conspirators is to destabilise the country, hinder its socioeconomic development and topple the government.

Enemies at home and abroad are united to implement their common agenda with huge investments by carrying out the cyber war.

Law enforcers have detected these cyber criminals but are unable to take action against them as they are staying abroad. However, a process to take the help of the Interpol is in progress.

Bangladesh has graduated to a middle-income country due to the pragmatic steps of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.  Without taking any help from the World Bank and other global lenders and donors, Bangladesh has achieved unprecedented socioeconomic progress. And in a major shift, it has extended loan assistance to Sri Lanka and some other countries. Apart from infrastructural development, Bangladesh has boomed technologically and entered the ‘Digital Era.’ The war criminals, their successors and other anti-state elements are taking the advantage of the digitisation facilities.  The country has seen mushrooming of self-declared think tanks and pedagogues. The ministries and authorities concerned are apparently failing to take any effective steps against the rumour-mongers. The Prime Minister herself expressed concerns over the anti-state rumours. Addressing a reception accorded to her by the US chapter of Awami League in New York on September 24, she said some expatriates are engaged in tarnishing the image of the country and the government through making derogatory remarks. Awami League has ensured the country’s development but such expatriates are spreading rumours and lies. Some of these persons term the Awami League government illegal, she said, adding that they get the chance to utter the derogatory languages due to digitisation brought by the government. BNP and Jamaat are funding the cyber war against the country and government. If they have ideals and strong footing, they are not supposed to use the digital platforms created by the Awami League government, the premier said. Through an investigation, country’s largest-circulated daily Bangladesh Pratidin has identified a dozen of expatriate cyber criminals. They are Netra News editor-in-chief Tasnim Khalil in Sweden, former Major Delwar Hossain in Canada, court martial convict Col (retd) Shahid Uddin Khan in the UK, Capt (retd) Shahid Islam in Canada, APS to former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia Md Shamsul Alam in the USA, Shibir cadre Nazmus Sakib in Canada, so-called barrister M Rahman Masum in Canada, self-declared journalist and infamous IP TV Nagorik’s CEO Tito Rahman in Canada, absconding accused in pornography case and so-called journalist Kanak Sarwar, self-proclaimed son of Razakar and accused in extortion case journalist Elias Hossain, and fraud journalist and rape accused Zawad Nirjhor in the UK. Hasina Akter, who falsely claims to be feature writer of the Bangladesh Pratidin, is also a cyber criminal. The above-mentioned persons have been spreading rumours against the country and its people through facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms. Recently, the High Court felt dismayed at the inaction of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) to action in this regard.  “What does BTRC do? They seem to enjoy the videos, pictures and other contents viral on the social media. Don’t we live with children and other family members? They (BTRC officials) can take steps if they wish. Unfortunately, they aren’t playing their due role,” the HC observed. Intelligence officials have found the evidence of rumours being spread against Bangladesh, the government, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her family members. The authorities concerned have moved to seek assistance of the Interpol to bring the expatriate cyber criminals to justice. Police high-ups suspect that the anti-liberation forces and their sympathisers are pulling strings from behind the curtain. Anti-state elements are united to implement a common agenda and they have invested huge money to make their mission a success. Replying to a query, former Justice AHM Shamsuddin Chowdhury Manik said, “Some expatriates are spreading rumours through social media to make their own gains. It is learnt that children of war criminals, sacked army officers, absconding BNP leaders and fugitive journalists are making videos with detrimental contents viral on social media to tarnish the image of the country, hinder development and destroy mills, industries and economic backbone. They’re spreading rumours from London, America, Canada, Switzerland, Australia and other countries.” The conspirators are earning money from anti-state contents and BNP-Jamaat sources, he said. “They (conspirators) are earning money by spreading anti-state contents, but we’re quite indifferent towards the issue. Even, we’re unable to remove the contents. The ministers and officials concerned are playing the role of mere silent spectators,” he opined. Prof Zeenat Huda of the Sociology department at Dhaka University said, “Some people are spreading videos on facebook and YouTube. Most of the videos are associated with rumours casting negative impact on the country and society. The image of the country is being tarnished internationally.” If immediate steps are not taken, the conspirators will expand anti-state rumours affecting socioeconomic development, she observed. “Anybody has the right to make objective criticism of a political government. However, law doesn’t permit anti-state and anti-government rumours. All of the rumour-mongers are Bangladeshi citizens. They often make detrimental comments on the Liberation War and Bangabandhu. Some of them claim to be children of Razakars. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen any visible step against these people. The ministries and departments concerned will have to take counter-measures soon.” Prof Zia Rahman of the Criminology department at Dhaka University said some expatriates are spreading audios and videos with fake photos and fabricated information against the country and government for financial gains. “The state will have to take action against the rumour-mongers. It should take the issue to global forum and make international consensus. Although scandalised contents are short-lived, we can’t sit idle. The state should go for counter-measures with the help of other countries.”


Tasnim Khalil

Hailing from Biswanath Upazila of Sylhet, Tasnim Khalil has appeared as the top cyber criminal out of twelve. He is editor-in-chief of Netro News and is now living in Sweden. He was a student of North South University. He joined the Daily Star as a sub-editor in 2000. He was an associate of Mahfuz Anam, the editor of the daily. After losing his job in 2007, he started to slam the editor publicly.

The Daily Star authority recalled all copies of its Forum Magazine from market for having anti-government write-up. Khalil was in charge of the magazine.

In Tasnim Khalil Blog, he hurls abuses at Bangladesh government, army, police and other important officials. For inciting religious, social and political hatred, he was arrested from Dhanmondi residence on May 11, 2007. Police raided his house and seized his computer, telephone and various documents. He, however, managed to go to Sweden on June 6 that year and sought political asylum. He was editor and publisher of news portal named Osto Column. He has made kinship with diplomats of Australia, Canada, USA and some other countries. He sends anti-state information to their mobile phones and emails.

Tasnim is close to anti-Bangladesh blogger David Bergman. Tasnim Khalil was the mastermind of the infamous report “All the Prime Minister’s Man” published in Al Jazeera. Although Tasnim’s real identity has been revealed, he continues with his conspiracy at home and abroad. For having affiliation with Chhatra Shibir politics, he has launched anti-Awami League agency funded by Jamaat. He is one of the donors of Jamaat in Sylhet.


Maj (retd)

Delwar Hossain 

Maj (retd) Delwar Hossain  is residing in Toronto, Canada. On August 10, 2020, he was declared persona non-grata in cantonment area for making statements against the government and armed forces. He has no access to CMH, CSD shop, officers’ club and other facilities of the military.     

He is serving the purpose of BNP and Jamaat as their paid agent. He is a top member of rumour spreading cell. From Canada, he is airing video content lambasting state, the government and the army. He is accused in cases under traditional and military laws.

Delwar was commissioned with the 20th BMA long course on July 23, 1989. He father is late Mosharak Hossain and mother is late Mst Mazida Begum. His address is 186/4 Tezkunipara, Tejgaon, Dhaka 1215. His father-in-law Maj Gen Sadikur Rahman Chowdhury was sent on forced retirement.

Maj Delwar retired from infantry on March 14, 2000. After retirement, he acted as managing director and CEO of Deltic Ltd in Mohakhali DOHS.  His father-in-law Sadikur Rahman was accused of failing to control 22 East Bengal mutiny in 1976. The authorities recommended dismissing him from his post, but Ziaur Rahman protected his job. Sadikur Rahman was SMP during Zia’s military rule. He was PSO and supreme commander of headquarters and DG of BDR during HM Ershad’s regime.

After the killing of Maj (retd) Sinha, Maj (retd) Delwar made a Facebook post instigating military. He is continuously spreading anti-state rumours. He keeps on castigating Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the Indian government.


Col (dismissed) Shahid Uddin Khan

Col (dismissed) Shahid Uddin Khan is a top cyber criminal. Despite dismissal from service, he wears combat dress and ranks. He publishes photo in military uniform on the social media. He faced 28 charges during his service. He was dismissed from service as per the decision of the court marshal. With Pakistani fund, he is engaged in anti-government and anti-state propagandas.

Hailing from Nalchity thana of Jhalokathi, he was commissioned with 8th BMA long course on June 10, 1983. Present address of Shahid is flat 2/A, House 184, Road 2, Baridhara DOHS.

He was 17 East Bengal commander from July 19, 2001 to January 24, 2002. He tried to influence the eighth parliamentary polls and favour BNP. On the eve of the election, he gave an interview violating military rule. He used to maintain relations with top BNP leaders including Salahuddin, Harun-Or-Rashid, and Syeda Asifa Ashrafi Papia.

He used to interview civil and military high officials in the name of conducting research and obtaining higher education after retirement. Abusing his relations with high officials, he committed crimes and financial irregularities.

In an interview with controversial journalist Tasnim, Shahid presented distorted information on various government departments of the country.

On August 8, 1989, Shahid assaulted a train driver by pulling the collar of his shirt in Sylhet sparking widespread criticism.

He visited Bangladesh on January 18, 2018. On January 20 this year, law enforcers raided his house and recovered huge amount of counterfeit currencies, arms and ammunition.

A report of Sunday Times said that Shahid Uddin Khan, convicted of arms and militancy, has donated £20,000 to Tory Party.

Shahid has been living in London since 2009. He and his family members obtained golden visa at a cost of million pounds. Law enforcers found his involvement in militancy. Having 54 bank accounts, he is also involved in money laundering.


Capt (retd)

Shahid Islam

Capt (retd) Shahid Islam was a military officer. He is living in Toronto, Canada. He is serving the purpose of BNP and Jamaat by spreading rumours against country and the government.

Hailing from Barura thana of Cumilla, he was commissioned with the 1st BMA long course on December 23, 1979. His father Md Mosle Uddin Miazee was a farmer. His address in Dhaka is House 176, Lane 2, Eastern Road, DOHS, Mohakhali.

After retirement on May 16, 1984, he was appointed first secretary in Bangladesh High Commission in London. On August 17, 1987, he fled from the rented house. Later, he surrendered to the police.

In the past, Shahid worked for the Daily Star. He made a report against military.

In 2018, he made a Facebook post against Prime Minister. He said, “You don’t follow law, so we declare a war on you... Sheikh Hasina, you destroyed our motherland, we’ll destroy you In Sha Allah.”

He attended Kanak Sarwar’s talk show titled “Gen Aziz in life threat: Analysis by 1st batch officer Capt Shahid.” He often comes down hard on the government and military.


 Tito Rahman

Mostafizur Rahman Tito alias Tito Rahman is living in Canada and a mastermind behind cyber crimes. He continues to spread anti-state and anti-government propaganda.

Hailing from Itgao residential area of Dinajpur, Tito is an accused in series bombing in 2006. He claims to be close to August 21 grenade attack masterminds Tarique Rahman and Abdus Salam Pintu. He works as a labourer in a Canadian factory and draws refugee allowance. To hide his identity, he introduces himself as infamous Nagorik TV CEO. He is spreading propaganda against government, country and industrialists of the country. 

Tito was mastermind of student protest in 2018. He is trying to destabilize the country. He earns money through blackmailing and extortion and receives funds from BNP. He maintains contact with Maj Delwar, Col Shahid Khan and Capt Shahid Islam.


Md Shamsul


Md Shamsul Alam, APS to former prime minister Khaleda Zia, is a coordinator of the gangs engaged in spreading rumours against the country and government.

He is continuously spreading propaganda against Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her family members. Some undercover BNP-Jamaat agents within administration are sharing sensitive information with him.

Son of Yusuf Ali and Azufa Khatun of Gosairhat in Shariatpur, Shamsul Alam is accused in at least 10 cases. On September 20, he made a Facebook status against Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s foreign visit. Awami League leader Shawkat Ali Patwary Tuhin sent a legal notice asking him to withdraw his status. Tuhin blamed Shamsul Alam for spreading lie about Prime Minister and her family members and committing seditious offence and tarnishing country’s image abroad.

Md Shamsul Alam became millionaire through appointment, transfer and tender business during the BNP regime. He was owner of land in Dhaka’s posh area Gulshan by abusing his power as APS. He did not release any file without bribes. Subordinate officials were afraid of his atrocities.


 Nazmus Sakib

Shibir cadre Nazmus Sakib is an expatriate in Canada, but now he is staying in the USA. He spreads lies through YouTube channel operated by war criminals. He receives money from the fund left by war criminal Mir Quashem Ali, who was hanged. He also gets money from Tarique Rahman. Nazmus Sakib gang established IP TV named Nagorik with the money to run anti-government propaganda. He introduces himself as a cadre of Tarique Zia. He is close to Barrister Abdur Razzak who was Jamaat leader. The government and Bangabandhu family are targeted by them.


M Rahman


M Rahman Masum is a panel discussant in infamous online Nagorik TV. He is living in the USA. Teamed up with Nazmus Sakib and Tito Rahman, he is launching anti-government propaganda. He uploaded a video on September 29 issuing threat to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. In YouTube video, he said, “Prime Minister is going to face an ominous situation. You have ignited fire and the flame is yet to be doused.”

M Rahman Masum is an accused in the cases involving series of bombings across the country on August 17, 2005. He was affiliated with Shibir politics in Dhaka. With the financial support of Tarique Rahman and Jamaat leaders, he is engaged in spreading propaganda against the country and the government. His videos have negligible views as people reject those.


Kanak Sarwar

To avoid trial in a rape case, Kanak Sarwar fled to the USA. His has ranked 8th in the list of US expatriate cyber criminals. His main task is to participate in talk show and run videos instigating Bangladesh army, launching anti-government propaganda and distorting the country’s history.

He invites controversial Lt Gen (Retd) Chowdhury Hasan Sarwardy in his Facebook live talk shows. Hasan Sarwardy is declared persona non grata in garrison area. On the other hand, Kanak Sarwar served imprisonment in a pornography case in 2015. At that time, he was a journalist at Ekushey TV. The TV channel faced a deep crisis due to his controversial role.

Hailing from Feni, Kanak is staying in New York. He has formed an anti-government network with Elias Hossain. Shamsul Alam of Hawa Bhaban, Mushkil Fazal Ansari, Farid Alam, Narayanganj grenade attack mastermind Darpan Kabir and journalist Monir Haider are members of the circle. Patronised by Tarique Rahman, they are running online television named NCN in New York. Representing the TV channel, Farid Alam went to cover Awami League press conference in the city. He asked a negative question about Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her family members and sparked a chaotic situation.

Recently, an audio has gone viral on social media disclosing Kanak’s deal with a BNP leader for making a documentary on Prime Minister’s son and government. The audio suggests that Kanak is extorting in the name of making the documentary. On December 8, 2020, the High Court asked home secretary and BTRC chairman to block Kanak’s video and audio contents.


Elias Hossain

Hailing from Chuadanga, Elias Hossain has established himself as symbol of yellow journalism. His father was a Razakar. He is proud of his father’s role in 1971. He is one of the pioneers of bribed journalism. He was found guilty of making news in exchange for bribe on several occasions.

From abroad, he runs videos criticising government, Prime Minister, Awami League leaders and influential people of the country. He is engaged in spreading anti-state rumours. Some people within police and civil administration give him anti-government information. Recently, Facebook authorities blocked his page, but he has opened a new page and keeps on spreading rumour.


 Zawad Nirjhar

Being terminated from Gazi TV, Zawad Nirjhar went to the UK. His father Abu Mosharaf Hossain served imprisonment for six months in a case for stealing valuables from family planning office. Two sisters of Zawad are notorious for prostitution in Dhaka city. He is accused in a rape case. He is an active member of the gang associated with Nagorik TV, Netro News, Kanak Sarwar and Elias Hossain. He is spreading rumour against editors, journalists and other renowned persons through Facebook page named Corruption in Media.




Hasina Akter

Hasina Akter has earned a bad name by finding her name in the list of top cyber criminals. As a paid agent of BNP and Jamaat, she continues to spread rumours against Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, family members of Bangabandhu, law minister, home minister and IGP.  Paid agents of Pakistan Taj Hashmii, Capt Shahid Islam, yellow journalist Elias Hossain, controversial lawyer Masud Salahuddin and barrister Sarwar Hossain take part in his Facebook page discussion as chief guests. They spread venom against government, industrialists and businessmen.      

Hailing from Noakhali, Hasina Akter lives in London. She runs CMM TV UK. She falsely claims to be a feature writer of Bangladesh Pratidin.