Thursday, 28 October, 2021

Art exhibition ‘Matir Manush’ underway at EMK Centre

A virtual art exhibition titled ‘Matir Manush’ by Md. Rasel Rana is underway at EMK Centre in the capital.

A total of 41works of Rasel Rana are being displayed at the exhibition which portraying the everyday life of people amid the ongoing corona pandemic. 

The exhibition began on September 20 and will continue till October 6.

Puppets are a traditional Bengali folk art form that date back hundreds of years. The native term for clay dolls is ‘Tepa putul,’ and this is one of many subcategories. With inspiration from Tepa putul, the ‘Matir Manush’ digital illustration series was created. EMK Center and artist Md. Rasel Rana collaborate on this solo exhibition to commemorate Bangladesh’s 50th anniversary of independence and the centre’s ninth anniversary.

The exhibition can be viewed on the website of EMK Center.