Saturday, 23 October, 2021

Form price commission soon

Nowadays, price-hike of essentials has become a common phenomenon in our society. It keeps an adverse effect on most of the people living in society. But, the unhealthy trend straightaway hits the people belonging to low and middle-income groups. Day labourers and fixed salaried people are the worst sufferers. The bad practice during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has virtually broken the very backbone of these hapless people. The unprecedented health crisis has caused significant loss of income for many of them.

The regular menu of general consumers usually contains rice, lentil, vegetables, eggs, fish or chicken. Fish and meat have already gone beyond their purchasing capacity. Now, they have to mainly depend on vegetables for their regular consumption. But, presently, each of these items is being sold on average between Tk 60-80 per kilogram. In our country, most of the poor spend more than half of their income on food. Price-hike of essential commodities forces them to cut back on their food as well as change their consumption patterns. Now, they have become totally exhausted.  It has become impossible for them to make their ends meet. As a consequence, poor people are becoming more vulnerable. And, the list of the poor is getting longer with the addition of the new poor in it.

Then, what is the way out? The government is the proper authority to find out a solution in this regard. We think the authorities concerned are not sitting idle. Most probably, they are trying to address the pressing issue. We find such optimism when we find from a news item published on the Business Page of his newspaper that the authorities are seriously contemplating to form a price commission to ensure fair prices for both the farmers and the consumers. The incumbent food minister has announced this while addressing a webinar titled “Food Production, Imports and Market Situation: Perspectives on the Right to Food” held in the city on Thursday.

We hail the minister's announcement hoping that the high profit-making tendency of some dishonest businessmen would be controlled after formation of the much-coveted price commission in near future thereby relieving the consumers as well as the farmers of their plights.