Thursday, 28 October, 2021

Small not always insignificant

Having the record of being the shortest ever cow in the world, Bangladesh’s Rani occupied a place for herself in the Guinness Book of World Records. The 23-month old Rani, the literary meaning of which is queen, was just 50.8 centimetre in height, weighing only 26 kilograms. She got her name entered into the list of the record book beating the defending record holder India’s Manikyam that stood at 61.1 centimetres.

Because of her unique size, Rani became a star during her life time. After media carried stories on her, thousands of people thronged to have a glace of this dear little creature. Had she not died in the third week of last month, she could have drawn more people, especially after she got the much expected recognition from the record keepers.

We remember Jerry, the self-confident energetic little boy in Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings’ ‘A Mother in Mannville’ who had the strong opinion that ‘Size don’t matter’ when it comes to chopping wood. Rani once again brought us back to this proverbial saying of the short-sized Jerry. The episode makes us believe that being small in size does not necessarily mean being insignificant in other considerations.

A small thing, an individual, a small nation or a small economy can create great things which bigger ones may not always be able to produce. Electrons are so small that those are believed to have no weight but what place they occupy in modern-day technology is known to all; the flow of these tiniest particles (electricity) is at the heart of digital technology that has revolutionised the life of entire human race.

Bangladesh, just at its 50, is a small country in terms of area, resources and the size of the economy. At the time of the country’s birth, some people had ridiculed it and made unkind remarks about its future. But, disproving their ill-intentioned prophesies, Bangladesh has occupied a prestigious position in the comity of nations with its head high with pride and self-respect. It is by now considered a role model of development thanks to the prudent leadership and pragmatic policies of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. We are neither insignificant, nor going to remain so; we are now able to aim high and achieve high.