Thursday, 28 October, 2021

Vaccination of 8m

Unique way of PM’s birthday celebration

Unique way of PM’s birthday celebration

The 75th birthday of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was celebrated across the country yesterday with elaborated programmes by political parties, seminars and symposiums by organisations, special programmes by TV channels and special supplements by newspapers. Marking the day the most significant and praiseworthy initiative was, however, taken by the government to conduct a special corona immunisation campaign aiming at vaccinating eight million people across the country, including three thousand slum dwellers, on that day. Inoculating such a large number of people in a single day is surely a big achievement for the government to complete corona immunisation within the quickest possible time.

The birthday celebration of a pro-people leader should be like that from where mass people will get benefited the most and the vaccination campaign is the perfect example of such a celebration. We know that the nationwide corona vaccination has been interrupted several times for different reasons and the inoculation rate is below expectation so far. Given these, injecting the first dose of corona jabs to eight million people in a single day is a big step to fight against the invisible enemy and save the life of people, which is the prime concern of the government led by Sheikh Hasina, a leader who always thinks for the betterment of people just like her father.

Sheikh Hasina, the elder daughter of Bangabandhu, from the very beginning of her political journey begun six years later of her father’s assassination, has been materialising her father’s dream of making the country ‘Sonar Bangla’ eliminating misery of the people including the poorest of the poor. It has been established through different initiatives like the projects taken to provide homes to homeless people marking the birth centenary of the Father of the Nation and the golden jubilee of our glorious independence. Therefore, it is nothing surprising that she would guide her government to take people-oriented programmes on every possible occasion.

The nation is lucky enough to have a leader like her who is manoeuvring the state in the right direction to be a developed country by 2041 with efforts to ensure developed-country-like facilities for all. We want to say happy birthday to the prime minister once again and wish her every success in her life.