Tuesday, 26 October, 2021

Bring discipline in law-flouting varsities

Bring discipline in law-flouting varsities

In our country, private universities are playing an important role in reshaping higher education to develop competent and market-oriented human resources. But, in recent times, allegations have been raised against some of them. They are allegedly running educational programmes without proper approval of the UGC. Apart from making higher education toy, they are being blamed for selling  certificates,  easy-to-get  degrees,  poor  teaching  qualities,  poor  infrastructure and  high  tuition  fees,  et cetera. Instead of providing quality education to students, they have virtually commercialised higher education. Irregularities, mismanagement and conflict are common practices in these so-called institutions.

In the past, a good number of students were victimised by various private universities engaged in irregularities. It is not only students and their guardians, but job providers are also raising the same question. Ultimately, profit motive has become the lone objective of the management of private universities. They were supposed to complement public universities in imparting higher education to the students who would, otherwise, not get access to higher education. But, they are far from fulfilling the objective.

According to newspapers reports and public perception, the quality of education in certain private universities is much below the standard level and in some cases has deteriorated sharply. There remain a lot of questions about the quality, mission and vision of these 'institutions'. They are frequently breaking laws left and right. They seldom bother to maintain or abide by the respective law and guidelines set by the UGC. This is due to lack of action on the part of the university regulatory authority.

As per competent sources, the UGC does not have the jurisdiction to take any action against the rule-violating universities. The Commission merely sends recommendations to the Ministry of Education for taking action against the law-flouting universities after serving show-cause notices to them.

If the UGC could exercise power directly, these universities would have definitely been compelled to follow the official regulations. So, the UGC should be strengthened immediately by properly empowering it in this regard to bring discipline in these private universities.