Tuesday, 19 October, 2021

Dilapidated roads hindering progress

Dilapidated roads hindering progress

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The importance of a smooth functioning transportation system for economic progress and better living-standard is well-acknowledged. At the same time, mentioning the negative impact of a bad conditioned transportation system is a cliché. But if the involved area becomes a city like Chattogram we cannot neglect the issue as the problem surely impinges on the whole country.

A front-page report of this daily’s yesterday issue stated the dilapidated condition of most of the roads of the port city. A road is reportedly not repaired in four years just because of complexities between CCC and the contractors assigned for the work. Construction work of different projects, uncontrolled digging of roads by Chattogram Water Supply and Sewerage Authority and Chattogram Development Authority for development work as well as rainfall, tidal water and waterlogging are blamed for the sorry states of the roads in the city. However, effective measures are yet to be taken in most of the cases.

Though EPZ workers, transports workers, inhabitants of the locality and tourists of Patenga Sea Beach have been suffering due to the bad shape of roads, the authorities concerned have restricted their activities just in playing blame game, paying no attention to mitigating public sufferings. If the conditions of an important city like Chattogram, a city that is often termed the business capital, the scenario of other parts of the country is not difficult to understand. Such types of scenario also prevail elsewhere in the country.

Keeping the government’s efforts to ensure smooth connectivity across the country at bay, a group of government officials is busy to find out others’ fault neglecting their own responsibilities. Because of such attitudes of some people, a huge amount of public money is being wasted every year, hindering the country’s progress that could have been achieved if everybody would have worked together for the welfare of the people and the country.

To resolve such a problem, time has come to reconsider the approach of government offices who are directly involved in public welfare. Coordination among government offices must be enhanced with the intention of finding out quick solution to problems without wasting time, no matter who are responsible for it. Everyone must keep in their mind that we can solve any problem easily, only with coordinated efforts.