Sunday, 17 October, 2021

Mamo stars in Khijir’s ‘Ora Sat Jon’

Zakia Bari Mamo is one of the popular film actresses of the country. The National Film Award-winning artiste has presented many popular movies in her career. Now, the actress will be seen in a Liberation War-based movie titled ‘Ora Sat Jon’.

Talented director Khijir Hayat Khan is directing the film.  Khijir himself has written the story, dialogue and screen play of the project.

The shooting of the film will begin at Jaintapur in Sylhet on September 27.

About the movie, Mamo said, “The story of the film is based on our Liberation War. Through this film, I will act in any Liberation War-based movie. I’m very excited about the film. I hope ‘Ora Sat Jon’ will be a good movie.”

Khijir said, “Basically, the film is about the heroes of our liberation war. The film depicts the scenarios of how people fought during the war, what was their feelings and so on. I believe the audience will accept our movie.”

Beside Mamo, actors Intekhab Dinar, Imtiaz Barshon, Saif Khan, Nafis Ahmed, Khalid Mahbub Turjo, Shiba Shanu, Shahriar Ferdous Shajib, Joy Raj and others will play different roles in the film. 

Earlier, Khijir Hayat Khan has directed three feature films. His first film ‘Astittey Amar Desh’ based on the life of one of the most Gallantry hero Flight Lt. Bir Shreshtho Matiur Rahman released on March 26 in 2007. His second film is ‘Jaago’ which was the first sports film of Bangladesh and went to silver screen on December 16 in 2010. And his 3rd feature film is ‘Mr. Bangladesh’. 

He has also directed documentaries and multiple TV commercials.