Friday, 22 October, 2021

Bring dropouts back to classes

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the entire world in various ways, pushing the policymakers to the Hobson’s choice of imposing lockdown to contain the spread of the virus by keeping people locked inside their homes. Though some of the effects need a little effort to get back to previous states, there are some losses that demand more endeavours and will take a long time to get repaired. The distress in the education sector surely falls on the latter group. One of the major problems the pandemic has created in the field of education is the dropout of a significant number of students. Keeping these students in the learning process demands special measures. 

A report of this daily stated that about 50,000 students dropped out in Kurigram district, which is a matter to be worried about. Surely, the scenario of other parts of the country will not differ much. Staying away from schools for a long time, along with the financial crisis, has triggered the instinct of rural parents to employ their male children to earn livelihood and marry their daughters off at an early age to reduce family expenditure.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, fear was there that poor parents would think differently regarding the future of their children’s education as Covid-19 has placed them in a difficult situation where survival is the main challenge. During that time, it was estimated that about 43 per cent of students may be compelled to leave their education. However, there was not course of action to help the families of the students predicted to be victims.

Now, schools have resumed and students started coming back to classes. Surely a large group of students, who dropped out from school or are vulnerable to dropout, want to go back to classrooms, but their economic condition does not allow them to do so. Therefore, special initiatives are urgent for them. The authorities concerned and the policymakers must work out ways to bring them back to classes, and that should be done in the quickest possible time. Once dropped out, must not be left behind for ever.