Friday, 17 September, 2021

Sight of metro rail a morale booster

Sight of metro rail a morale booster

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Traffic congestion is a perennial problem in Dhaka which is responsible for wastage of valuable time and resources on the roads. The state of traffic chaos is so pervasive that it virtually never ends. This terrible traffic conditions have turned Dhaka into an unliveable city. Although the city residents needed to get rid of the unbearable situation much earlier, no previous government took initiative to relieve them of their sufferings. But now we can reasonably expect the situation to change for the better under the government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as the construction work of Mass Rapid Transit--MRT (Metro Rail) project is going on in full swing.

The metro rail is expected to run all the way from Uttara to Motijheel, covering a distance of 20km, with 16 stations along the way. In recent times, the project work progressed significantly. As per press reports, for the first time, the project's implementation agency, Dhaka Mass Transit Company Limited (DMTCL), has tested the capability of the metro train as it continues to develop the revolutionary mode of travel in the capital. On Friday, it has conducted its trial run on the elevated track along the Diya Bari-Mirpur route. The train reportedly stopped at every station without any problem.

It was indeed a cheerful experience on the part of the residents living nearby.  The unforgettable event has boosted their morale. The incident has raised a kindle of hope that it is not a distant future when life will be easier for them. From now on, they are eagerly waiting for the moment when they will be able to commute to their destination in a hassle-free manner saving both time and energy. As per relevant sources, the same set of the train will be put on the track for test run from Uttara to Pallabi today. According to the progress report of DMTCL, some 68.49 percent work of the metro rail project has been completed.

Once the metro rail is constructed, it will be the most time-efficient, reliable, safe, comfortable and environment-friendly solution to our present traffic problem in Dhaka city. It will hopefully transform Dhaka into a more active, commute-friendly, and sustainable city.