Wednesday, 20 October, 2021

Ostrich farming shows promise

  • Fahmida Rahman Karobi
  • 28 August, 2021 12:00 AM
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Bangladesh Livestock Research Institute (BLRI), a state-run national research organisation under the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, has begun ostrich farming on its premises in Savar for the first time.

Experts believe that Bangladesh has a wide potential for commercial farming of ostrich, the world's largest bird.

It is expected that the ostrich, whose height ranges from 7 to 8 feet and which weighs 150kg to 180kg, will be one of the major protein sources with cows and chickens.

Ostrich is a fast growing bird and a female ostrich lays as many as 100 eggs per year. It is able to adapt to the weather of Bangladesh easily.

BLRI has brought some ostriches from South Africa a few years ago to meet the growing demand for meat in the country.

Now, poultry scientists of BLRI are conducting research on ostrich meat.

Dr Sazedul Karim Sarker, project director of BLRI, said the ostrich meat is very tasty and it has no side effect.

“High in protein, ostrich meat can supplement local demand for beef. Ostrich meat contains less fat and has lower levels of cholesterol. The Bangladeshi climate is suitable for farming the birds” said Dr Sazedul.

The poultry scientists are monitoring the largest living birds. At the end of three years of the research, the ostriches will be distributed to several farm houses in the country, said BLRI authorities.

Like many other birds, ostrich lives on mainly grass, leaves, seeds, roots and even insects and lizards. The bird can easily be reared by releasing it in the open courtyard or in any field.

Mentioning it as a profitable business, Director General of BLRI Abdul Jalil said Bangladesh will be a great market for ostrich. It is not a costly business at all, because ostriches eat roots, flowers and fruits, insects and lizards.

They expected that there will be a huge demand for ostrich meat in the country. It can help ease the country’s unemployment problem.