Thursday, 28 October, 2021

Sanyat’s 2nd single ‘You and Me’ awaits global release

Sanyat Sattar’s second single, ‘You and Me’, will be released on global platforms on August 29, reports UNB.

He wrote the lyrics and composed the music in the duet featuring Sarah Billah.

 “I had the track and music ready and was looking for a duet partner. Coincidentally, my friend Sarah was in Bangladesh, and I requested her to join me,” he said.

Sarah, an accomplished singer herself, has sung many Bengali songs. ‘You and Me’ is her first one in English.

“I was a little nervous at first because I haven’t sung in English before. But I couldn’t turn down my friend,” she said. “Sanyat is not only a talented composer and singer but also a terrific music director.”

“It’s a beautiful song,” she said.

 Sarah’s music albums include ‘Mom-erAlo’ (candlelight) and ‘SudhuTomake’ (only you).

 “She’s a talented artist and did a fantastic job,” Sanyat said. “I hope listeners will enjoy the song.”