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Household gas crisis may deepen

Petrobangla plans to cut gas supplies from power plants to feed household

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  • 24 August, 2021 12:00 AM
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Household gas crisis may deepen

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Natural gas users in households are facing severe crisis as the distribution companies are rationing of the fossil fuel due to shortfall of supply.

The Petrobangla will meet today (Tuesday) with Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) as a part of rationing of the natural gas supply.

“We have a plan to cut around 100mmcfd of natural gas from power plants to feed household.”

BPDB is now receiving around 1200mmcfd against the supply of 3100mmcfd in different consumers’ end, according to an official of Petrobangla requesting anonymity.

He said the Petrobangla will require additional 250mmcfd of natural gas to meet the daily requirement.

“We are now supplying 700mmcfd imported LNG with mixture it to 2450mmcfd of local produced gas,” he said.

“But the imported gas will come down to 600mmcfd next Sunday that will intensify the gas crisis again,” said the official.

He said the government has no other alternative to rationing in supply of natural gas in the coming days.

The natural gas consumers of some areas in the capital city were experiencing supply interruptions with low pressure during the past several days.

Residents of Bashundhara, Mirpur, Mohammadpur, Dhanmondi, Shyamoli, Hajaribag and other nearby areas have reported of getting low gas pressure.

The gas-based industries, household consumers and compressed natural gas filling stations were affected the most due to the disruption. Less quantity of LNG (liquefied natural gas) re-gasification in both operational FSRUs (floating storage and re-gasification units) and lower than expected gas flow from Bibiyana gas field might have reduced the overall gas production.

The FSRUs were supplying around 700 million cubic feet per day (mmcfd) of re-gasified LNG over the past several days, which was around 850 mmcfd before.

Besides, the natural gas production from Bibiyana gas field came down to around 1200 mmcfd, which was around 1300 mmcfd earlier, the official added. Natural gas supply from the existing onshore gas fields is projected to start depleting to 137mmcfd in the current fiscal year.

The onshore (local) natural gas production will drop by 742mmcfd by 2041 if there is a delay in major hydrocarbon discoveries, according to the projection (2021-41) made by Bangladesh Oil, Gas and Mineral Corporation (Petrobangla).

Petrobangla was supplying an average of 2432mmcfd of natural gas from onshore fields in the last fiscal year.

The supply will be reduced to 2,295mmcfd anytime this fiscal year thanks to over-dependency on a few sources, said officials.

The natural gas supply from the existing fields will come down by another 184mmcfd in FY2022-23 if the exploration companies don’t make major discoveries, sources said. Besides, it is projected that the supply of natural gas will fall to 435mmcfd in FY2023-24 as most of the Chevron-operated gas fields are experiencing a fall in output.