Sunday, 19 September, 2021

Be vigilant against Taliban ideology

Be vigilant against Taliban ideology

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It is with a heavy heart and painful memories of August 15, 1975 rushing through our minds, that the death anniversary of Bangabandhu and his family has been observed in the country under strict security and maintaining Covid protocol. In the meanwhile, Bangladesh is suffering incrementally in the ongoing pandemic. To make things worse with the withdrawal of the US troops, the Taliban forces are gaining ground in Afghanistan, creating the danger of ideological export in the region. They may influence the socio-political scenario in the region.

Many Bangladeshis correlate the Taliban with religion. But the Taliban is not a religious group; rather they are a militant group with political aspirations. They are typical of the feudalistic tribal Afghan society. Afghanistan is riddled with innumerable tribes of various origins like Pashtuns, Hazaras, Uzbeks, etc. having their own language, culture and way of life. In the face of such disunity, the Taliban have acted as a unifying factor in Afghanistan, which is devoid of homogenous people and culture. They have used religious ideology as a tool to get the common people to come under a national umbrella. The presence of alien forces helped the cause of the Taliban to rally people under their banner making them a political entity of force in Afghanistan. The foreign forces leaving are seen as a victory for the Taliban forces.

Bengali people are highly emotional by nature, getting easily swayed on matters related to politics and religion. Despite a more or less homogenous society existing in Bangladesh, some groups within often try to incite trouble in the country. Furthermore, when the Taliban is identified with religion instead of politics even by the West to suit their purpose, we cannot blame our simple folks if they too do the same. It is reported that a number of Bangladeshis have left for Afghanistan to join the Taliban fighting to seize state power in the capital of Afghanistan. We hope our security forces will be extra vigilant against all travellers to and from Afghanistan. We cannot be careful enough to ensure that such regressive ideologies do not re-enter our country to pull our society backwards in time.