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Inflation eases to 5.36pc in July

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  • 11 August, 2021 12:00 AM
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Inflation eases to 5.36pc in July

Overall inflation in the country eased to 5.36 percent on point-to-point basis in the month of July thanks to falling prices of both food and non-food items, according to latest official data. 

Point-to-point inflation was 5.64 in June. Monthly inflation was came down to 0.51 percent in July compared to that of the previous month. In June, monthly inflation was recorded at 1.31 percent.

“Usually, it is seen that when food prices rise, non-food prices fall and the vice-versa. But inflation rate came down in July as both food and non-food prices dropped,” Planning Minister MA Mannan said while revealing the latest CPI data of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS).

“It is good news for the country as well as for the poor people that food inflation has fallen,” Mannan said.

The BBS data showed that the food inflation declined to 5.08 percent in July from 5.45 percent in the previous month, while the non-food inflation rate also modestly declined to 5.80 percent last month from 5.94 percent in June.

Meanwhile, point-to-point inflation rates both at rural and urban areas also mainly thanks to decline in food prices.

Overall inflation in rural areas fell to 5.53 percent last month from 5.84 percent a month earlier with food inflation falling from 6.04 percent to 5.56 percent, but non-food inflation rate soaring from 5.46 percent to 5.47 percent. Urban inflation rate, on the other hand, dropped to 5.06 percent from 5.29 percent a month earlier, while both food and non-food inflation in urban areas came down. Urban food inflation plummeted to 4.01 percent which was 4.14 percent in June, while non-food inflation there eased to 6.24 percent from 6.59 percent.

Prices of food items like egg, chicken and some vegetables came down last month compared their price levels in June, while some food items got dearer and price of some food and non-food items remained unchanged, according to BBS.