Saturday, 18 September, 2021

Misguided youths going astray

The alarming rise of teen gangs in Bangladesh society is unprecedented. Members of these gangs are as young as 14 or thereabouts. The age when they are supposed to be under direct parental or guardian supervision, they are roaming the streets, involved in various crimes like robbery, murder, rape and drugs. This indicates a loss of our traditional values, morality and ethics which has been the foundation of the rich culture and heritage of Bangladeshi society for millennia. If the foundation of a structure becomes weak and shaky, for how long can that structure remain standing upright!

The core values of our society are the key factors behind our rise from an oppressed people to successfully breaking out from centuries of colonial subjugation. Bangladeshi people are unique in many ways, being deeply religious and extremely patriotic at once. Warm hospitality and strong familial feelings have also been central to the people of Bangladesh since time immemorial.

If we lose our inner core, the outer shell cannot sustain us for long. That is where our enemies are targeting us. Now enemies of our society do not come to attack in person. They have their emissaries within our society, who are spreading the evils of drugs, alcohol and violence within the country to obliterate our rich heritage and culture. Teenagers cannot get drugs or acquire arms without some people using them to advance their own evil agenda.

The young children, for that is what these teen gang members are, do not have the wisdom to fathom that they are being used in dirty games of power play. The internet is also spreading alien and vile cultures, which are derailing the youths all over the country. The impressionable young people get easily influenced by things they watch via social media.

The young are full of energy and vitality which must be channelled in the right direction. Elders of the society need to guide the youths, so that their energy is used to serve their family, the society and the country. Without proper guidance, our youths will be lost like a ship without a captain. We must not let that happen, as it will make our enemies happy to see the future hope of our nation going astray. We must guide our young people to become positive achievers for the success story of Bangladesh.