Monday, 27 September, 2021

Dr Ereen gains popularity among artistes

Dr Ereen gains popularity among artistes

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Who doesn’t want a touch of modern treatment for a healthy and beautiful skin? Dr Tauhida Rahman Ereen, a dermatologist, wants to be at the service of your skin care. After completing her MBBS from Mymensingh Medical College, Ereen pursued higher degree in Dermatology and Dermato in Thailand. She worked for Nigerian government for nearly ten years as their only certified female physician. She specialised in Regenerative Medicine from Australia.

Dr. Ereen said that “I went to Africa and saw a lot of skin related problems there. Since it is not possible to build a career in surgery and most of the people there were suffering from skin problems, it inspired me to study in this sector.”

She worked extensively in Bangladesh on various beauty campaigns and for maintaining the beauty and health of the skin. Thus she has unveiled new trends in the modernization of medical science. The combination of advanced technology provides patients with quick solutions to various diseases. It has gained her immense popularity among the artistes and musicians through her skin and hair medical services.