Thursday, 23 September, 2021

Ruma’s ‘Tumi Amar Jhum Bristy’ released

Ruma’s ‘Tumi Amar Jhum Bristy’ released

Singer Tanjina Ruma’s new song ‘Tumi Amar Jhum Bristy’ has been relased. The song was released on Tanjina Ruma’s official YouTube channel on Monday. 

Lyrics written by Supan Roy, Sabbir Zaman has composed and tuned the song. 

About the song, Ruma said, “I like the soft, romantic and melodious song. I’m very happy that I have lent my voice to a song like Tumi Amar Jhum Bristy. I’m getting huge positive response for the song. The lyrics, composition and tune all are amazing.”

 “My music video ‘Adhar Choriye’ released on last month. Last year, Rtv released the audio version of the music video. The song also used in a drama”, she added.