Monday, 27 September, 2021

Mir Sabbir excels with Eid dramas

Mir Sabbir excels with Eid dramas

Mir Sabbir is one of the most popular small screen actors of the country. With his excellent acting skills, the versatile artiste has not only established himself in the showbiz arena but also carved a permanent place in the minds of the audience. Sabbir made his television debut in 1999 with his performance in a drama titled ‘Putro’. Since then he has performed in more than one thousand TV dramas. Besides acting, Sabbir has also directed many popular dramas like ‘Barisal Bonam Noakhali’, ‘Maqbul’ and ‘Noashaal’. 

The popular artiste acted in a numbers of dramas and serials, including, ‘Hello Madam’ directed by Firoz Kabir, ‘’ produced by BTV, ‘Juger Hujuge’ by Hanif Sanket, ‘Boshikoron Vaccine’ by Bornonath, ‘Gangstar Goni Bhai’ and ‘Halkar Upor Jahpsha’ during the Eid-ul-Azha. All the dramas won the hearts of the audience. 

He also directed the drama ‘Baap Betar Modhu Mash’. 

The dramas gave different tastes to the audience among hundreds of works on Eid-ul-Azha, critics opined.

When asked about the reactions after airing the dramas, Mir Sabbir said, “All the dramas contain different type of stories and diversity. So, the reactions I got from the audience are fabulous. But, I’m getting huge response for the drama ‘Hello Madam’. Thanks director Firoz Kabir for the drama. I have also received huge acclamation for my acting in the dramas ‘Juger Hujoge’ and ‘’. 

“Actually, I’m very satisfied about my Eid dramas. My directorial venture ‘Baap Betar Modhu Mash’ is also getting huge response. Frankly speaking, the audience is receiving my work very positively”, he added.