Tuesday, 28 September, 2021

Public servants must take it seriously

The doctrine of reward and punishment – one receives his reward for his good deeds and retribution for his transgressions – is the basic idea of both human and divine justice. While reward appreciates someone continuing good deeds, punishment for wrongdoings, in contrast, directs one to back to the right track. Both reward and punishment are similarly significant for making a beautiful society. So, the warning announced by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in a function arranged marking the National Public Service Day and distribution of the Public Administration Award 2020 and 2021 to take stern actions against the wrongdoers in public services is a timely one and demands a big applaud with a hope for strict implementation.

In recent years, some public servants are seen to be involved in different sorts of irregularities, deviating from their job responsibilities and ethics. Corruptions of government officials become headlines every now and then. Irregularities in the work of Ashrayan Project-2, tasked with building homes for homeless and displaced people under the Prime Minister Office, is a prime example of where the audacity of some public servants reach. Bribery, misuse of government funds, delays in service performance, pilferage, irresponsible attitude of government officials, bureaucratic intemperance have made public service the most corrupt sector. On the other hand, the boss-like attitude instead of the public servant mentality of some government officials is paving the way for public odium. Consequently, trust in public institutions and the rule of law are fading away day by day. Undoubtedly, lack of proper accountability has been contributing most to such a deteriorating situation.

Punishment for misdeeds, therefore, is the most anticipated way to improve the whole scenario. We expect that the authorities concerned would also take the warning seriously and take stern action against the corrupt officials who have been tarnishing the image of the government by their corruption.

The nation expects a lot from its government servants. However, they must remember Bangabandhu's words that “learn to serve, be honest, be righteous, be disciplined, and stay on the right path.” We expect that the government will ensure such a healthy environment where no official will dare to disregard this message.