Wednesday, 29 September, 2021


Over 90 lakh cattle sacrificed this year

A total of 90,93,242 cattle have been sacrificed in the holy Eid-ul-Azha, one of the major religious festivals of the Muslims, this year.

Of the total, 40,53,679 cows and buffaloes, 50,38,848 goats and sheep and other 715 cattle have been sacrificed, a ministry press release said on Saturday.

In Dhaka, about 22.39 lakh animals, including 9,73,833 cows and buffalos and 12,65,056 goats and sheep were sacrificed, reports BSS.

In Chattogram, a total of 18,99,518 cattle including 10,71,231 cows and buffaloes and 8,28,086 goats and sheep were sacrificed.

In Rajshahi, a total of 18,33,145 cattle including 6,16,733 cows and buffaloes and 12,16,283 goats and sheep were sacrificed.

In Khulna, a total of 8,57,601 cattle including 2,39,147 cows and buffaloes and 6,18,443 goats and sheep were slaughtered on the occasion of the holy Eid.

In Barishal division, a total of 4,61,979 cattle including 2,66,621 cows and buffaloes and 1,95,358 goats and sheep were sacrificed.

In Sylhet division, a total of 4,08,941 cattle including

2,09,569 cows and buffaloes and 1,99,364 goats and sheep were slaughtered for Qurbani.

In Rangpur division, a total of 10,44,859 cattle including 4,96,220 cows and buffaloes and 5,48,639 goats and sheep were slaughtered.

In Mymensingh, a total of 3,47,947 cattle including 1,80,325 cows and buffaloes and 1,67,619 goats and sheep were slaughtered for Qurbani.

Selling of sacrificial animals through online platforms rose about five times this year compared to last year.

About 3,87,579 cattle were sold online at around Taka 2,735.11 crore. Last year, only 86,874 cattle were sold online.

The ministry will work to boost online selling activities of sacrificial animals next year, added the release.