Corona toll tops 18,000

Record 231 more die, 13,321 infected

Staff Correspondent

20 July, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The death toll from novel coronavirus crossed an 18,000-mark in the country as highest 231 people died and 13,321 got infected with the deadly pathogen in the last 24 hours till Monday morning.

Corona situation continues to worsen with  single-day corona deaths and cases rising alarmingly. A total of 225 deaths and 11,578 infections were recorded in the country during the same period of the previous day.

Of the 231 new deaths, 73 were reported in Dhaka division followed by 43 in Chattogram, 16 in Rajshahi, 57 in Khulna, 11 in Mymensingh, 17 in Rangpur, 8 in Sylhet and six in Barishal divisions, according to a report of Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS).

Of the 13,321 new cases, 6,540 were in Dhaka division, 472 in Mymensingh, 2,888 in Chattogram, 887 in Rajshahi, 592 in Rangpur, 1165 in Khulna, 891 in Barishal and 486 in Sylhet division.

The tally shows that country’s highest corona deaths and infections were recorded in Dhaka division in the last 24 hours till 8:00am.

Earlier, highest 230 corona deaths were reported on July 11 and highest 13,768 cases on July 13 in the country. The country has seen more than hundred single-day deaths from the virus for the last 23 consecutive days while the daily detection of over 8,000 cases for the 16 days in a row.

A total of 4,119 people died and 205,052 contracted the virus across the country in 19 days of July which is the highest compared to the same period during the pandemic.

With the new 13,321 people infected with coronavirus, the total number of infection cases has risen to 111,7310. The daily infection rate has risen to 29.59 percent during the time.

A total of 18,125 corona patients have so far died in the country with the latest single-day 231 deaths. The death rate has remained unchanged as 1.62 percent.

Around 9,335 corona patients have recovered in the last 24 hours, raising the total number of people recovered to 9,41,343 in the country till the day. The recovery rate has declined to 84.25 percent.

The DGHS report said infection rate has also risen as 15.30 percent of the samples have been diagnosed with corona till the date while 29.59 percent samples diagnosed with the virus in a day.

A total of 45,012 samples, out of 46,451 collected, were tested at 638 labs in the country during the period, the report said. A total of 73,00,399 samples have been tested so far across the country.

The first corona case was detected in the country on March 8 last year while the first death from the virus was recorded on March 18 the same year.

Hospital sources said corona situation is worsening in several districts of the country, including Dhaka city, as a large number of people are not undergoing corona test even though they have symptoms.

Occupancy of general and ICU beds in Covid-19 units and hospitals across the country also is increasing day by day while many hospitals are now overflowing with the corona patients.