Tuesday, 19 October, 2021

Save education sector

Save education sector

No nation can prosper without education, just as no spineless people or animal can stand up straight. However, in the current epidemic situation, the backbone of the nation, the education system has fallen into the most fragile condition. The education system has been most affected by the epidemic Coronavirus and has become completely stagnant. While due to internal dynamism the economic and political sectors are less affected.

When the first corona patient was identified in March, 2020, all educational institutions in the country were declared closed from the 18th of that month. Later, attempts to return to the educational institution were not possible considering the risk to the students getting affected by Covid-19. In such a situation, the policy makers of the country are of the view that once all the students are vaccinated, the educational institutions may be reopened. But it is difficult to ensure vaccines for all students in the country as there is a delay in vaccine distribution in the country. Even then, how effective the government efforts will be, depends on multiple factors.

But, if the educational institutions remain closed indefinitely, the creative talents of the students will disappear and we will not be able to stop them dropping out of education. Therefore, it is very necessary to open educational institutions and restore the education system of the country.  In that case all the students should be vaccinated as soon as possible. It is the wish of all students and parents that the vaccine should ensure that all students are sent back to their respective educational institutions. Once again, it is everyone's expectation that the educational institutions which have been silent for so long, would become delightful by the footsteps of the students.


Mu'tasim Billah Masum, student

of Department of Sociology, Jagannath

University, Dhaka