Tuesday, 21 September, 2021

Akash Ranjan stars in ‘Betray’

Akash Ranjan stars in ‘Betray’

Mantu Ranjan Roy, popularly known as Akash Ranjan, is a prominent script writer, director and TV actor of the country. He has written scripts for a number of popular single-episode plays and drama serials like ‘Nowashal’, ‘Comedy 420’, ‘Rosher Hari’, ‘Out of Control’,‘Break Fail’ and so on.

 Akash Ranjan now will be seen playing lead role in a single episode drama titled ‘Betray’. Written by Shagorika Rani Das, Mahim Khan has directed the drama.    

 The ‘Betray’ tells the love story of a daughter of an affluent and son of a poor. Actress Trishna will be seen opposite Akash Ranjan in the play.

Private telavison Boishakhi will air the drama at 08:30pm today.