Hygienic slaughtering of animals

14 July, 2021 12:00 AM printer

A piece of news on slaughtering of animals without checkup has raised an alarm among the city residents. As per the story, in the capital city, most of the animals are being slaughtered in open spaces without necessary health test. But, as per existing Animal Slaughter (Restriction) and Meat Control Act (2011), health test of an animal is mandatory before its slaughter. Moreover, all animals should have to be slaughtered in the slaughter houses earmarked by the two city corporations. The city corporation-appointed veterinary officers and relevant health inspectors are duty-bound to ensure that the city dwellers do not consume adulterated meat of any sick animal.

Seemingly, the city corporation authorities are least bothered about the vital issue of public health. But, this is not at all a new phenomenon as an incident of sale of meat a dead cow at a city market in the near past is still fresh in people’s memory. However, as per confessions extracted by the staff reporter of this newspaper, some corporation officials blamed it on shortage of adequate manpower to check the unholy practice. Not only manpower crisis, but the city lacks required number of slaughterhouses, what the officials had disclosed in their confessions.

Had the city fathers been aware enough about the health needs of the city people, they would have appointed adequate staff, including veterinary officers and health inspectors much earlier to oversee the unethical activities of unscrupulous butchers. Then the city meat-lovers would not have to get exposed to the prevailing health risk.

Time has come to do the needful on the part of the city fathers to ensure the health safety of the members of public. They should take immediate steps to employ required manpower on an ad hoc basis to tackle the emergent situation. Regular check-ups of animals should be done so that people can consume meats of healthy animals; otherwise the country’s meat trade might slide down due to reluctance of consumers to buy meat in fear of getting sick. In absence of required slaughterhouses, temporary measures should be taken for slaughtering animals in a hygienic manner. Proper initiatives should be taken to build modern slaughterhouses in the city to bring back meat-lovers’ confidence.