Friday, 17 September, 2021

Rice price increases in Nilphamari

Rice price increases in Nilphamari

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NILPHAMARI:  Prices of different varieties of rice are gradually rising from last week in the district due to the insufficient supply.

On the other hand, people of lower income are suffering much in the global pandemic corona situation.

Some of the traders from local and wholesale market like, Boro Bazar, Shaheb Bazar, Natun Bazar under Sadar Upazila of the district told the correspondent, “the rice market prices is being rising gradually day by day from last week due to the insufficient supply, some of the millers are reservation it for hopping earn more benefit. Traders are selling one kilogram of rice by 50-52 from different local markets in Nilphamari town.

Some of local traders of Shaheb Bazar of Nilphamari town said, “rice market gradually raises on last 5 days due to continue rainfall”.

A day labour named as Morsedul Islam of Nilphamari town said, ‘I have purchased five kilogram of rice by Tk. 250, but before 7 days ago these five kilogram rice prices was Tk.220.’

However, people of lower income of the district are demanding the Bazar Monitoring activities need to be accelerated for a relaxation of rice market prices in the corona period.