realme Buds Q2: Aesthetic pair of earbuds with Excellent Sound Quality & 20 hours of playback

27 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

realme Buds Q2: Aesthetic pair of earbuds with Excellent Sound Quality & 20 hours of playback

With the passage of time the youth are getting more stylish, so are their necessities. In a world where most of the activities are somehow connected to a digital world, the need for smart devices that will complement our smart lifestyle are of paramount importance. realme as a youth-centric brand understands this vey vibe of the youth and that’s why they have come up with another True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds – realme Buds Q2 with lots of exciting features and functions. So, what is it that makes Buds Q2 a stand-out pair of earbuds?

Long playback hours with top-notch audio quality

The users can enjoy 20 hours of playback with realme Buds Q2. realme Buds Q2 has a built-in 40mAh battery in buds and 400mAh battery in charging case. It can provide with 3-hour single continuous calling time and 5-hour single continuous music listening time, which is about the same as watching 2 movies and 4-5 episodes of a TV series. With the charging case, realme Buds Q2 gets a total of 20 hours of total playback, which is enough time to watch 8 movies or listen to 400 songs, or watch 2 seasons of your favorite shows. With average 3-hour usage per day, realme Buds Q2 only needs to be charged once a week. realme Buds Q2 supports charging via the Micro-USB port and takes 2.5 hours to fully charge buds with charging case and 2 hours to fully charge the charging case.

Meanwhile, the sound quality of Buds Q2 is just incredible as the 10mm Bass Boost Driver along with a realme bass enhancement algorithm composite gives the users a clearer stereo sense with wonderful listening experience. realme Buds Q2 also uses realme updated Bass Boost + solution, created by realme’s expert acoustics team after continuous rounds of testing, unlocks the bass potential and adds further dynamism and layers to the bass, for real heart-thumping music. Amazing sound quality at a great price point.

Futuristic design inspired by Kaleidoscope

If you look at realme Buds Q2, the first thing that will catch your attention is the futuristic design inspired by Kaleidoscope.The design of Buds Q2 breaks away from the mediocre exteriors found in most standard TWS devices on the market and incorporates the cut-shape aesthetic of kaleidoscopes into the earbuds’ design. The realme Buds Q2 is inspired by something common around life but often be ignored, the cobble. Based on typical anthropomorphic design, the shape of cobbles is fully introduced into the product itself. realme Buds Q2 amplifies the warm, soft and comfortable aesthetics of the cobbles. realme Buds Q2 is also available in blue and black, two natural colors that complement the cobble shape of realme Buds Q2 and perfectly restore the beauty of nature. The design is very amazing and futuristic.

Moreover, it feels so lightweight as each earbud only weighs 4.1 grams,lighter than a sheet of paper. So, the users will find it very comfortable and convenient to put on.

Latency as low as 88ms 

realme wants to offer the best experience to the youth without having to worry about noise and other annoyances. Also, these earbuds boast industry’s lowest latency (88ms), which will help the users to enjoy seamless gaming experience without any synchronization problem. Switch to the low latency Gaming Mode for a perfect sync between video and audio while playing games or watching movies. The latency is reduced by as much as 51%, it only takes 88ms to transfer sound from your phone to realme Buds Q2.

Sophisticated features

realme Buds Q2 features some very modern functions that will take the experience many notches higher. Features such as instant connectons, intelligent touch controls and water-resistance add value to the lifestyle in meaningful ways. As tech-trendsetter realme has been working with the aim to become a 5G popularizer. As a ‘popularizer of 5G’ ,realme builds a diverse portfolio of 5G products with the goal of offering 100 million 5G phones by 2024. Besides the no-compromise affordable 5G phones, realme will also bring more AIoT products to young consumers through Daraz as realme has entered AIoT 2.0 development phase with its advanced ‘1+5+T’ strategy: 1 smartphone, 5 key categories for realme’sAIoT products, including the True Wireless Stereo (TWS), Wearables, TV, Laptops, tablet. T stands for TechLife, realme’s open partner platform, which aims to support innovative and dynamic AIoT startups through the sharing of realme’s own sales channels.

Available in two colors - active black and calm gray, realme Buds Q2 can be purchased at a price of BDT 1999 only. In short, Buds Q2 comes with exquisite craftsmanship, extraordinary battery life, outstanding sound quality, and superior connectivity. What else do you need as an earbuds lover? If you long to transcend yourself to a musical world of kaleidoscopic wonder, then Buds Q2 is the earbuds that you must have in your possession.