Commodity prices remain static

Staff Correspondent

26 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Prices of most of the commodities including vegetables remained static while lentil, dry chili, ginger, cardamom prices increased in the kitchen markets in the capital on Friday.

The low-income people have been hit hard by indiscriminate price hike of the essential commodities in the last one year.

A section of unscrupulous businessmen are increasing the prices of essentials due to lax monitoring by the authorities concerned, experts blamed.

Poor people in urban and rural areas are feeling the pinch of price hike of the essential commodities, said agri economist Golam Hafiz Kennedy.

While visiting Mohammadpur Krishi Market it was seen that price of imported ginger has increased from Tk 150 to Tk170 per kg while it was Tk 100-120 per kg a week earlier. Price of local ginger was Tk 120-130 per kg while it was Tk 80-100 per kg a

week earlier.

Like the prices in the previous week, prices of broiler chicken was Tk 150 -160 per kg, Sonali chicken was sold at Tk 200-230 per kg and layer chicken at Tk 230-240 per kg.

Beef was sold at Tk 580-600 per kg, mutton at 800-900 per kg. The prices were same in the

previous week.

Like the prices in the previous week, potato was selling at TK 25 per kg, egg Tk 105 -110 per dozen and local onion price was Tk 45-50 per kg.

Brinjal was selling at Tk 40-60 per kg, cucumber at Tk 40-50 per kg, pointed guard and okra at

Tk 40-50 per kg.

Yardlong bean was sold at Tk 60-70 per kg, carrot at Tk 80-100 per kg, tomato at TK 80-100 per kg, arum-lobe at Tk 50-60, green papaya at Tk40-50 per kg and bitter guard at Tk 70-80.