Gains in global peace index

19 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

One news item in yesterday’s the Daily Sun lifts our spirits. Bangladesh has risen by seven precious points up the scale of the Global Peace Index, becoming the third most peaceful country in South Asia. This is certainly a cause for elation. It is specially rejoicing that we have left behind India and Pakistan as far as maintaining peace is concerned.

According to the Global Peace Index released by the Institute of Economics and Peace, Bangladesh secured 91st position among 163 countries measured in the index considering their internal safety and security, militarisation, and frequency of ongoing conflicts. In South Asia, Bangladesh is only behind Bhutan and Nepal, while Singapore has been named the most peaceful country in Asia.

Mentionably, it is under the rule of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina that our violent-prone political landscape has changed for the better. On many occasions she affirmed that her goal was not any personal gain, but the wellbeing of the people. All her efforts are directed towards promoting socio-economic development of the people, and establishing rule of law and democratic rights. As a result, people nowadays can live in a largely peaceful atmosphere, barring a few random, but gruesome incidents that jolt our collective conscience.

But on the whole, there are fewer violent political activities than before, no terrorist attack at all, no reign of terror and no religious or racial conflicts. The people in general are enjoying a degree of normalcy in their day-to-day life. The peaceful atmosphere has also greatly contributed to the growth of businesses, foreign investment and the GDP.

However, as the problems of contemporary world are getting more complex, the need for cooperation among political parties is all the more crucial to maintain peace. Thwarting the religious bigots is a collective challenge for the nation because recently we have seen if they are given a moment of free rein they can swarm all over the country and carry out widespread and mindless vandalism. So, the government must stay alert and take decisive action to proactively neutralise any evil attempt aimed at destablising the country.