Fine doubled for violation of customs rules

Staff Correspondent

16 June, 2021 12:00 AM printer

National Board of Revenue (NBR) has doubled the rate of penalty for violating customs rules to check the customs-related offences.

The revenue board also augmented the power of adjudication of customs officials in case of handling customs related mismanagement and offence.

Finance Bills 2021-22 has proposed increasing of the penalty and the settlement power of customs officials, which will come into effect from July 1, 2021. According to the new finance bill, a person found guilty of violating any provision of the customs law and rules under the law or for failure to comply with any provision of the law shall face penalty up to Tk 100,000, which is currently Tk 50,000.

The proposed penalty rate will come into effect from July 1, if the amendments are approved by parliament. The finance minister also proposed increasing the rate of penalty to Tk 50,000 instead of Tk 20,000 for unlawful imports of controlled goods.

The penalty will also be applicable to failure in providing required documents to customs officials.

According to the proposed provisions, customs commissioners and additional commissioners will handle the cases involving confiscation of goods and imposition of penalty if the value of goods exceeds Tk 5.0 million, instead of current limit of Tk 2.0 million. The cases involving value of goods worth above Tk 3.0 million will be handled by joint commissioners while deputy commissioners have been empowered to deal with cases involving Tk 2.0 million.

Currently, joint commissioners and deputy commissioners can order to confiscate and impose penalty for goods worth above Tk 1.5 million and Tk 1.0 million respectively.

The value of goods has also been proposed to be raised for exercising the power by assistant commissioners and revenue officers to Tk 1.0 million and Tk 0.5 million respectively from current Tk 0.5 million and Tk 0.2 million respectively.